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Our Approach to Academics

At Concordia, we believe that learning which is mastered and maintained is the outcome of effective teaching.

We understand that effective teaching is characterized by designing meaningful learning experiences that build on prior knowledge and actively guide the acquisition of complex skills to gradually increase student self-regulation and autonomy.

Early Childhood

Provides educational experiences expressly designed for young children age three to five years old.

Elementary School

Offers students in grades one to four countless opportunities to develop academically, spiritually and socially.

Middle School

Serves grades five to eight and is designed to care for the unique needs of students in this special time of development.

High School

Focuses on providing authentic learning opportunities and life experiences tailored to students in grades nine to twelve.

Effective Teaching

Teaching adopts a wide array of methodologies including technological innovations, differentiated approaches and personalized feedback to enable learning for all.


A Focus on Learning

Learning is at the center of everything we do. We aim to equip students with the processes of learning across the curriculum, so they are capable of meeting many different types of challenges.

Knowledge is not only acquired in the classroom. We provide countless opportunities for our students to continue learning, expanding their skills, and growing their interests and passions through well-developed Fine Arts, Extracurricular, and Activities & Sport programs.

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We believe that effective teaching fosters learning that lasts.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs)

We want our students to become:

Active Global Citizens

Individuals who value all life and work for the good of all things. We want students to care and take responsibility for the world and its resources and seek to understand and accept differing worldviews and attitudes.

Principle-centered Leaders & Team Members

People who work together to solve problems; who are flexible and honest in their work and understand the importance of integrity and shared responsibility.

Reflective Spiritual Beings

Individuals who know themselves and their own beliefs, demonstrating their values through their actions. We want students to serve others and be virtuous and respect all people, even if they express different beliefs or opinions.

Effective Communicators

Students who are capable of expressing themselves through written and spoken languages, and are discerning readers and active listeners. We teach our students to be well-versed in technology but not dependent on it, and we want them to use it responsibly.

Insightful Learners

The type of learners who ask questions and actively seek answers to those questions. Learners who observe, reflect and wonder, and who are not afraid to take risks, experiment and create as they learn.