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Applied Learning

Applied learning experiences motivate student creativity through authentic opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Holistic Philosophy

Our curriculum covers the educational, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our learners based on a philosophy of educating the whole child.

College guidance at Concordia provides a personalized, student-centered program that informs and supports both students and parents.

Early Childhood Program

Concordia’s Early Childhood Division supports a nurturing learning experience that honors the notion of the “whole child” in partnership with the family. A combination of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities ensure that engagement supports meaning-making, choice, and purposeful learning.

Elementary School Program

An emphasis on developmentally appropriate environments and situations allows our elementary school students to flourish as they build a solid foundation in the fundamental areas of literacy, mathematics, science and social studies and are exposed to various areas of fine arts and physical education.

High School Program

The high school focus is on providing life experience and a more tailored academic curriculum. Whether pursuing a special interest in science, mathematics, English or the arts, our students have opportunities to flourish. Advanced Placement (AP) classes are offered as a way to challenge our students to excel across disciplines.

Middle School Program

The middle school years expand upon academic areas explored in earlier years of education, and students are presented with increased expectations for independence, responsibility and leadership, all within a supportive and positive environment.


We work to harness the potential that technology offers. And we capitalize on the multitude of non-school technology skills that our students bring to the classroom through careful utilization of age-appropriate tools for “office” productivity, research, collaboration, media creation, and more.


Our teachers actively engage students in learning, set high standards, understand students’ needs, promote sensitivity to other cultures and beliefs and contribute to the development of lifelong learners.


We value information literacy and have built both an experienced and dedicated team of professionals and the facilities needed to promote information literacy among our students at all grade levels. Our two libraries meet the informational and recreational reading needs of our diverse campus community.

Educational Travel

Concordia has purposefully designed its educational travel program for students to grow through intimate experiences and improved understanding of their host country. Unique opportunities are offered in each division.