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Extracurricular Program

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Concordia’s extracurricular program includes activities, sports, and clubs that run parallel to the curriculum and provide additional exposure to experiential learning within a safe and nurturing environment.

Taught, coached or advised primarily by experienced Concordia teachers, extracurricular activities reinforce curricular areas and provide a place where students can fully explore the topics in which they have an interest.


More About the ECA Program in Each School Division

The extracurricular program aligns across grade levels, offering a thematic thread of intentional, age-appropriate activities starting in the early grades up through high school. 

By the Numbers




Types of ECA Offered


Includes activities that focus on the exploration of new skills and interests.

Fine Arts

Includes activities related to music and theatre performance, as well as the creation of visual arts and hand crafts.


Includes opportunities to focus on reading, writing and literary pursuits.

Service & Leadership

Includes activities centered around community service and outreach as well as student leadership opportunities.

Sports & Movement

Includes competitive and non-competitive sports, as well as dance and physical fitness activities.


Includes hands-on opportunities to further explore science, technology, engineering & mathematics.

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