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Mandarin Program

Concordia offers a rigorous and varied Mandarin curriculum from Preschool to Grade 12 that values the unique features of the Chinese language and culture.

We offer multiple course levels to meet students’ needs and language development levels. New students are assessed upon arrival and placed in an appropriate Mandarin class based on their current level of ability.

Our creative team of native-speaking Mandarin teachers create developmentally appropriate lessons and activities to match the language abilities of each student, no matter their degree of exposure to the language.

Two Pathways of Mandarin Study


Chinese Language & Culture (CLC)

The CLC pathway is designed for students with varying degrees of exposure to Mandarin, from beginner to advanced.

The CLC pathway helps students acquire communication skills and cultural awareness by interweaving the study of Chinese language and culture. Students learn effective ways to express themselves in both social and academic interactions using written and spoken Mandarin.


Chinese Language & Literature (CLL)

The CLL pathway is designed for students with substantial exposure to Mandarin and/or for those who use Mandarin as a primary language at home.

The focus of the CLL pathway is to enhance learners’ literacy development, and appreciate the functionality and aesthetics of the language. This pathway equips students to use Mandarin as a vehicle for expressing thought, creativity, and analysis, and for engaging in both social and academic interaction.


Opportunities to Expand Mandarin Learning

In addition to Mandarin courses, extracurricular offerings such as Chinese Club and Chinese Honor Society allow students to develop their knowledge of Chinese culture while enhancing their language and leadership skills. Our heritage Mandarin courses and co-curricular offerings are equally suited for high school students who are coming to Concordia from other top schools.

Extracurricular Program