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At Concordia, we look to harness the potential that technology offers and capitalize on the multitude of digital literacy skills that our students bring to the classroom through careful utilization of age-appropriate tools for productivity, research, collaboration, media creation, and more. For us, Digital Literacy is not a set of classes, but rather are a continuum of skills and training, integrated across the entire curriculum, and developed through close collaboration among tech staff, teachers and curriculum development staff.

Learn more about our approach to safely and responsibly utilizing technology as a tool for learning.

Digital literacy philosophy

Tech in the Classroom

During the school day, we supply students with numerous edtech resources and access to our well-equipped tech spaces. Each classroom is equipped with audio/visual equipment (touch-screen display or projector) and wireless Internet connectivity. Access to printers, cameras and microphones, and other digital devices is available as needed.

In our makerspaces, students have supervised access to 3-D printers and all the tech equipment, supplies and tools need for completing engineering projects and maker experiments. Our video studio is equipped with specialized lighting, HD prosumer cameras, a TricasterTM video system, as well as green-screens.

Digital Literacy Coaches in each school division help guide student and teacher growth in tech skills and promote positive and successful use of technology in the classroom.

Laptop Program

Concordia requires families to provide their Grade 6 through 12 student access to an Apple laptop computer for use at school on a daily basis. During school days, students in Grade 5 and below have access to school-owned laptops and iPads while on campus.

 student laptop program

The Concordia Technology & Information Use Code (Tech Code) is a guide to help ensure that use of technology and information, both at school and at home, is a positive and productive part of the learning experience. The Tech Code also highlights the fact that technology and information use at Concordia is a privilege, not a right, and that this privilege comes with responsibilities. Each student and his or her parent or guardian must agree to the Tech Code each year.