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High School

Student Council

Student government offers opportunities for student engagement while building character, augmenting leadership skills and creating positive change.

As part of the educational travel program, high school students have a wide variety of opportunities to choose from that expose them to culture, service and adventure.

High School Program

Forward planning is necessary to complete a successful high school program at Concordia. Students should keep this in mind when choosing courses and planning their schedules to ensure they are meeting all the requirements for graduation.

The handbook for students and parents provides a comprehensive look at the high school program, from homework to communication methods and child protection policies. The 2017-2018 daily schedule can be found in the student planner.

Take a look at the 2017 Tribe selection guide for our amazing student travel options


Applied Learning

The high school program has several applied learning courses that allow students to find a topic they love, go deep and make learning personal. In these courses students further develop their academic personality. Applied learning is inherent in virtually all areas of the curriculum, from science to visual arts. Additionally, students find opportunities to apply learning outside the classroom through educational travel and co-curricular activities.


During the last two weeks of school, G9 and G10 students experience a unique educational program known as Explorations. Choosing from extensive offerings, students partner with teachers to pursue their passion or explore new interests. Explorations is a sort of curriculum incubator from which current course such as Big Data Analytics, Aerospace Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship.


We are proud to offer an internship program each year as a part of Grade 11 curriculum. Working side-by-side with practicing professionals provides each student a unique opportunity to integrate theory with practical learning. During their internship, students will confront challenges and issues similar to those that they will eventually encounter and have the chance to put their classroom learning to the test.

world university fair

Each spring, we are proud to host the World University Fair, which invites around 150 higher education institutions to our campus. This is an excellent opportunity to gather information about various universities from around the world and ask questions that will determine how well they match your educational goals. The fair is open to non-Concordia students, and no registration is required.

Finding the Right Balance

Balance is important and a student’s class schedule should not be over-weighted with too many AP (or Honors) courses. Students should keep in mind the demanding nature of their course load, as they participate in co-curricular activities.

Mock Hiring Fair

This event has students vying for internships through face-to-face interviews with reps from multinational companies and organizations. Students receive feedback from their interviewers, which provides valuable insight for future job interviews.

College guidance at Concordia provides a personalized, student-centered program that informs and supports both students and parents.

High School Calendar

High School News

Applied Design Showcase

The Applied Design class is having a show of their major projects from Semester 2. The course focuses on connecting art and design with real-world applications.

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Next year's volleyball clinic will be held at Concordia and SAS Pudong on August 9th, 10th, 12th and 13th. August 11th will be a rest day for everyone. The Gold Medal Squared website is ready for registration to begin. Please sign up as soon as possible to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) group would like to invite all students who participated in a HS sport this year to their spring social held on Saturday, May 27th from 1:00-3:00pm at Concordia. They have booked the field for a fun game of ultimate and the Founder's Garden will be set up for outdoor volleyball and other lawn games. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Bishop or Mr. McNair.

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Sewing will be offered for Explorations again this year, and they could use your help. They are looking for the following items:
· Fabric that can be used to cut squares for patchwork quilts
· Rolls of fabric that can be used for the backing of quilts
· Rolls of batting that can be used for the filling of quilts
· Bags of loose batting that can be used to stuff pin cushions and pillows
· Thread for sewing machines
· Yarn or embroidery floss for tying the quilts

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