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College Counseling

The purpose of college guidance at Concordia is to provide a personalized, student-centered program that informs and supports both students and parents. Counselors help students discover college or university communities that will best serve their academic and personal growth.

We believe in supporting students to find the college or university that best matches their abilities, interests and ambitions. This requires consideration of the location, academics and the culture of potential schools. 

Students don't journey alone on the road to college. Whether they are studying for college entrance exams, taking finals, or writing college essays, their community of classmates, teachers, and counselors walk with them as they prepare. 

By finding their "Best Fit" school, students are equipped to pursue their passions, grow and mature in their education, and are better suited to achieve their academic and future career goals.

Hear from some of our graduates

Kyle, Class of '21-- University of Oxford

I chose the University of Oxford not merely for the name. What I saw was a college that valued education to the highest standard with its tutoring system for undergraduates and the connections that it would award. Being able to collaborate with like-minded peers in fields both similar and drastically different from mine would serve to both bolster my own growth as a student, but also broaden my horizons to fields that I might not have approached otherwise.

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Henie, Class of '21-- University of Chicago

I like how UChicago's core curriculum strongly encourages students to branch out from the subjects they typically enjoy and sample niche interests they never thought they'd study (you can take a ventriloquism course for English credit!).  Another thing that struck me was the strong sense of community that seems to tie the student body together—particularly with traditions that are just peculiar enough to be extremely entertaining, such as the U.S.' largest scavenger hunt, a Humans vs. Zombies tag game, and the annual Latke vs. Hamantash debate.

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Ryan, Class of '22-- Duke University

Duke was my top choice because I think it’s a place where I can pursue my passions, whether they’re academic or not. What really stood out to me was Duke’s different programs and organizations that contribute to a really vibrant student life. Whether it’s pursuing my passions as part of a student organization, or cheering on the Duke Blue Devils on game day, I can’t wait to be immersed in the Duke community and meet people from all over the world.

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Jessica, Class of '22-- Cornell University

I've consistently enjoyed more creative, discussion based and hands-on learning, which made the Hospitality Management program at Cornell University very attractive to me. I'm also interested in Business, Investing and Entrepreneurship and thus this program being in Cornell's SC Johnson College of Business can allow me to branch out into the business world with many opportunities and options for what I want to do in the future.

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Julia, Class of '22-- Johns Hopkins University

I will be attending Johns Hopkins University. I think that it is a good fit for me because they have a really strong English program, which is what I'm interested in. I've also heard great things about the professors and how they're really open to having close relationships with students. I think Hopkins is also the perfect size since I was looking for a school that was small enough to have a close-knit community but big enough for there to always be new, diverse groups of people that I could meet.

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Katrina, Class of '18--Royal School of Veterinary Studies at University of Edinburgh

I chose the University of Edinburgh, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies because of the top-notch, direct entry veterinary medicine program. The student support available also drew me in, and it certainly helped that we have a Concordia alum at the Dick Vet right now (Kristen Shuster).

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Lillian, Class of '21-- Northwestern University

I think Northwestern is as perfect of a fit for me as a school can be. It has a strong psychology program with professors that have great reputations. Its quarter system makes it easy for students to take extra classes and do a double or even a triple major, which will allow me to continue to invest in academic areas beyond my major. Its campus has the best of both worlds with a small college town environment of Evanston and the convenience of getting to Chicago.

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Hannah, Class of '21-- University of Hawaii

I have been accepted to the University of Hawaii in Hilo (UHH), and I chose this school because of their marine science program and how hands-on all of their courses are for this program. I was particularly drawn to their program, because there are so many unique classes that I can take in this field that are very hands on from the beginning compared to bigger schools where those types of experiences come later.   

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College Acceptances Around the World

Due to their strength of character, intellectual curiosity, and academic achievement, Concordia's seniors are accepted at the top universities in each country where they apply. For example, over the years applicants from Concordia have been admitted to US News Top-25 Universities at an average rate of over three times the world average.

Concordia values the college aspirations of every student, and we celebrate every college acceptance equally. We are extremely proud of our graduates for earning college acceptances that are the best fit for each one of them on a personal level.

The map and lists below indicate the college acceptances of Concordia students from 2018 to 2021.

St. Andrews
University of California
johns hopkins
Seoul National
University of Edinburgh
London School of Economics

 Over the years, Concordia students have received acceptances from the following institutions.