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Elementary School

Concordia’s Elementary School program, for students in Grades 1 to 5, nurtures each child's unique gifts and talents while promoting academic, social-emotional, and character growth.

Our dedicated teachers create a culture of learning that encourages hard work, creative thinking, and positive risk-taking.

Teaching Philosophy
& Methodology

Our curriculum focuses on reading, writing, social studies, STEM, physical education, and the arts, broadening students' skills and worldviews through practical, real-world contexts.

Students learn through exploration and discovery, actively engaging in asking questions, conducting research, and reflecting on their work.

Elementary School Curriculum

The course of study at Concordia parallels school subjects taught in the United States.

From Kindergarten to Grade 4, Concordia utilizes the cutting-edge Bridges in Mathematics curriculum, developed by the Math Learning Center.

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Counselling and Support Program

The goal of Concordia’s counseling program is to help all students develop the skills and attitudes they need to succeed in school and beyond. Our program is both preventative and responsive and is shaped by the needs of our students.

Our counseling program includes:
•    Whole class social emotional lessons
•    Small-group counseling
•    Individual counseling
•    Consulting services for parents and teachers
•    Onboarding of new students and families


Our counselors consult with teachers, parents and students on a variety of issues and concerns. The aim is to be proactive to ensure that each child is developing to his or her potential.
Consultation may take many forms: small student groups to focus on a particular skill, discussions to address parent and/or teacher concerns, and individual counseling on a short-term basis as required.

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House Teams

Concordia Elementary School’s House Teams foster community and character-building. Students are placed into one of four teams: Ionracas (Integrity), Yupaychay (Respect), Umoja (Unity), and Augatuaa (Grit), where they earn points by embodying these values. The unique team names, selected from lesser-known languages, ensure inclusivity. This program strengthens connections among different grade levels and teachers, with parents also participating. Regular activities and assemblies encourage students to live out virtues, creating a supportive and engaged school community.

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