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Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program at Concordia is a rigorous academic program that offers university-level courses and exams to our students. AP classes are completely elective; however, students who have demonstrated scholarship in prior related subjects are encouraged to consider AP classes. Concordia administration, counselors, and teachers are always available to advise students on appropriate course loads.

Typically, students in Grade 10 may take one AP class. Grade 11 students may take up to three AP courses and Grade 12 students may take up to four AP courses. There are exceptions to these limits but they are considered on a student-by-student basis.

Why should I take AP?*

  • More than 90% of 4-year colleges and universities in the U.S. grant advanced placement, credit, or both for successful scores on AP Exams, and 85% of selective institutions report that a student’s AP experience favorably impacts admission decisions.
  • AP is recognized by more than 3,600 universities worldwide.
  • More than 600 universities in over 55 countries outside of the U.S. recognize AP.

The Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID)*

The APID is a globally recognized certificate for students with an international outlook. The APID challenges a student to display exceptional achievement on AP Exams across several disciplines.

*Source: The College Board, AP: A World Class Experience. 2009

AP versus IB: What's the Difference?

Both AP and IB are rigorous, high-level, academic programs, but do colleges and universities prefer one over the other?
Check out this video explaining some of the basic differences between the two programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the AP Program