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Early Childhood

Concordia's Early Childhood program serves our Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten communities, and is designed to nurture each child's unique gifts and set them up for lifelong success. 

With a warm, caring approach, our highly qualified teachers guide students on an academic journey filled with joy and discovery.

Teaching Philosophy
& Methodology

At the heart of our program is a teacher-directed, child-initiated philosophy that promotes self-regulation, language development, cognitive growth, and critical social skills.

Our youngest learners engage in academic exploration as well as character development through high-quality play. Intentional exposure to art, language learning, and music and movement occurs throughout the school day.

Teachers highlight and celebrate values and virtues in and out of the classroom, emphasizing the importance of kindness, respect, and responsibility. This reinforces the importance of building good character and encourages each child to grow into a responsible and caring individual.

Early Childhood Curriculum

The course of study at Concordia parallels school subjects taught in the United States.

Early Childhood Curriculum
All areas of learning should be integrated throughout daily school routines.

These include: Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Reflective Spiritual Being - Caring Time, Music & Movement, Large and Gross Motor Activities, Mandarin, Art, Technology Integration, Literacy, etc.

STEM Education

Our Early Childhood students are introduced to science and computational thinking through an age-appropriate STEM curriculum that fosters innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

This lays a strong foundation for future academic success and prepares students for future challenges.

English Language Learning & Mandarin

We are committed to providing students with the support they need to fully participate in the rich English learning environment we strive daily to create. Concurrently, we provide mandatory Mandarin classes for our young learners, giving them the opportunity to experience the language and cultural of our host country. 

Extracurricular Activities

Our Early Childhood program includes a robust extracurricular activities program, allowing young learners to explore and develop diverse interests from an early age.

Students in Preschool are eligible to participate in the ECA program beginning in Semester 2. Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten may participate in any of the four seasons. 

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Balanced Literacy

Reading and Writing Workshop and Bridges Mathematics are incorporated into the curriculum beginning in Kindergarten.

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Music & Movement

Specialists work in concert with homeroom teachers at each grade level to deliver our Mandarin, Music & Movement, and Art classes.

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Counselling Support

The EC Child & Family Counselor teams with teachers and families to act as a resource regarding early childhood development with emphasis on emotional and behavioral health.

This program has an emphasis on:

  • The relationship between the child and their caregivers
  • Coaching educators and parents, in a manner that is culturally responsive
  • Collaborate on behalf of the school with parents and therapist when needed
  • Manage referral information for children who may need specialized services
  • Organize developmental screenings targeted for our EC age group

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