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Welcome to Admission

Why choose Shanghai Concordia International School?

Choosing the right school for your child is a significant decision, and we understand the importance of finding a learning community that you can trust to nurture your child's education and development.

At Concordia, we believe that education is a collaborative partnership between students, parents, and the school. We take a genuine interest in getting to know our prospective students and families.

This commitment to building strong, supportive relationships, combined with our shared values, creates a warm and welcoming environment where students can thrive. Join us at Concordia, where together, we lay the ideal foundation for your child's success.

Application Process

Thank you for choosing to apply to Concordia. Before you begin, please determine if your child meets all eligibility requirements.

  • Step1Submit the Online Application Form & Supporting Documents
  • Step2Interviews & Assessments
  • Step3Decision Notification
 Submit the Online Application Form & Supporting Documents

Eligible applicants are invited to initiate the application process by submitting the application form through our online application portal:

After submitting an online application, parents will have an account to access a customized checklist of items required to complete the application for an initial review. The checklist includes paying the application fee, uploading previous report cards and test results, and requesting recommendation(s).

 Interviews & Assessments

Based on the grade level and initial review of the application, the student may be asked to participate in an interview or an English language proficiency test, as deemed necessary.

 Decision Notification

When evaluating the student's application, the admissions review committee considers previous academic and behavioral records, English proficiency, possible need for additional support services, and whether the school's program and community would be a good fit for the student and the family.

After the comprehensive review of the application, the Admissions Office will notify the family via email of the admissions decision. If an Admissions offer is made, the family will be given a timeline to accept the offer and pay the non-refundable Capital Fee.

Admissions Requirement

Each applicant to Concordia is considered holistically based upon prior report cards, test scores and teacher recommendations. Please read the requirements for student admission below. Feel free to contact an admissions representative with questions.

Passport Eligibility & Residency Requirement

Government Mandated Documents

Language and Testing

Grade and Age Placement

Admissions Assessments

Wait Pool Priority


Relevant information and requirements for new students enrolling at Concordia, as well as information for re-enrolling students.

Visit Us

Different ways to learn more about Concordia: On-Campus Tour, Vitual Tour, Open-Days, Information Sessions and Community Events.

Tuition, Fees, and Payments

Fees include daily tuition fees, textbooks and book usage fees, public examination fees, basic stationery and teaching materials for each grade.

APPLY TO Concordia

From here, you will be whisked to our onlineapplication.Thank you for your interest in Concordia.


Dear Parents, 

Thank you for your continued high level of interest and concern about attending Concordia International School Shanghai (Concordia). 

Concordia admits students has always been in strict accordance with a comprehensive admissions standards who meet the eligibility requirements set forth by the SHMEC. The results of the admissions process are determined through a comprehensive evaluation process to ensure that the principles of fairness and impartiality are carried through to the end of the process.

At mean time, Concordia maintains a strict policy of non-engagement with brokers or agents, so please be aware of this.

At Concordia, we are committed to excellence and growth while providing holistic development for each student, fostering strong character and values, and discovering and shining a light on their individual passions. We also welcome you to call our admissions office directly at 021- 5899 0380,or email

Warm Regards,

HOS Office