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Applied Learning

High School

In 2012, Concordia pioneered the High School Applied Learning (AL) program, offering college-level experiential courses alongside AP courses. 

We offer 11th and 12th grade students a variety of Applied Learning courses that are patterned on classes normally only available in higher education settings. These courses encourage academic vitality by asking students to identify and deepen their passion for a subject, allowing them to discovr unique connections between their studies and real-world endeavors. 

These specialized classes focus on academic rigor that values depth over breadth. Students employ higher order thinking and processing skills directly related to a field of study and practice the skills essential to a particular career field. They experiment with creative solutions to challenges and cultivate resilience in the face of new challenges or failure. In short, they learn by doing. 

All of our High School Applied Learning courses have an authentic application, which provides open-ended challenges that focus on deliverables and real-world benefits for audiences beyond the classroom. These courses adopt a flexible curriculum which responds to student input. They place an emphasis on interdisciplinary learning experiences not found in the traditional classroom, which enables students to apply knowledge and skills in novel settings. 

Middle School

In October 2022, the Middle School Applied Learning program followed suit. It seeks to extend the learning that takes place in our core middle school programs and allows students to apply the knowledge and skills that they are learning in a variety of different settings.

In Middle School, Applied Learning is divided into two sessions throughout the year, and students can select one course to take for each session. By providing space for students to try out things they might not have considered, we hope to unlock a hidden interest or passion.

By mixing grade levels, students are encouraged to develop relationships across the Middle School, not just with their peers but also with different teachers, which deepens our community. 

Applied Learning emphasizes research through reading and analysis of journal articles or literature pertinent to the students’ field of study, and fosters leadership and collaboration with peers as well as with experts in the field who work with students. 


Innovative courses have been developed by our faculty who have expertise in various areas such as Social Entrepreneurship, Big Data Analysis, and Business & Finance.

Some of the AL courses offered in 2024-2025:

  • AL Creative Writing and the Writer's Craft
  • AL Social Entrepreneurship
  • AL Business and Finance
  • AL Big Data Analytics
  • AL Engineering
  • AL Scientific Research
  • AL Graphic Design
  • AL Fashion, Textile, and Construction
  • AL Drama: Technique Design and Production
  • AL Journalism and Critical Discourse
  • AL Speech and Debate




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