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Service Learning

Concordia intentionally looks for ways to offer support or raise awareness about local or global issues by engaging students and the community at large in meaningful service. Through service learning, our goal is to further help our students become insightful learners, principle-centered leaders and active global citizens through dedicated service to others.

Authentic Service Opportunities

Service learning at Concordia is carried out within a cycle that includes investigation and research, leading from preparation to action, and requiring thoughtful reflection by students throughout the process. Through service projects, students are exposed to authentic opportunities to understand and address the needs of others and the world around. Service also provides a chance for students to apply some of the knowledge and skills that they learn in the classroom to real-world situations.

Stories of Service at Concordia

It was awfully impressive to be part of a school where service, and global responsibility is so deliberately woven into the culture and teachings.
Jameson Voisin, associate director of leadership for
the Me to We organization.


Youth Empowering Progress

The mission of Youth Empowering Progress (YEP) is to provide education and human care services in impoverished communities while fostering social responsibility within the Concordia student body. YEP aims to actively involve students in all aspects of social service – including raising funds, promoting awareness of local issues, and committing to be active and compassionate citizens of the world.

More about YEP