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Parent Involvement

On any day, parents will be on campus to help in the classroom, attend a cooking class, participate in a parent advisory group, sell Phoenix spirit wear, pop popcorn, lend their expertise to a strategic plan committee or attend a cultural or school-related coffee. Some visits are for their students, but don’t let that fool you—most parents come to the campus for themselves as much or more than they do for their students.

Phoenix Shop

The volunteer-run Phoenix Shop makes available Concordia spirit wear to the community during lunch and after-school pick up. Students celebrate!

PSO Christmas Bazaar

This “premier Christmas shopping experience in all of Shanghai” draws shoppers from near and far, year after year, for the experience.

The whole family comes out for Phoenix Friday to cheer on the sports teams and to enjoy popcorn and hotdogs thanks to the Phoenix Boosters!

Parent Support Organization (PSO)

The school and the parents have partnered together through the PSO since Concordia first opened its doors in 1998; this collaboration is essential to the success of the whole community. Every parent shares their talents in some way to make the community a better place and the PSO makes this possible by providing a broad network of activities, events and connections to engage you no matter what your area of interest.

The best thing is that you don’t have to join—you are automatically a member because your students attend Concordia. Make the PSO website a favorite so you don't miss any of the opportunities to connect.

Classroom Support

On a stroll through the school on any given day, you will encounter volunteer parents helping out in classrooms in a variety of ways. Whatever you bring to the table in experience and passion will be gladly received by the many teachers that your student will encounter. In fact, the many volunteers in the classroom are what allow our teachers to focus on what they are most passionate about, teaching our students.

Classroom support is most often organized through the PSO Room Parents based on the teachers' needs at the beginning of each semester. As other needs are identified throughout the year, the Room Parents contact all the parents for that classroom and solicit volunteers. Additionally, some parents sign up to be substitute teachers and directly support the classroom when needed.