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Health & Safety

The health and safety of our students is an important and intentional consideration at Concordia. Therefore, we are proactive in maintaining an environment that allows all those who enter our campus to feel welcome, safe and secure. We consider all of our preparedness measures and safety procedures holistically to ensure the physical safety and emotional well-being of our school community.

Accessing Campus

To maintain a safe and welcoming environment, security on the Concordia campus encompasses a combination of automated turnstiles that require a valid school ID for entry and exit, closed circuit security cameras and 24/7 security personnel. Visitors without a valid Concordia ID card are required to submit a government issued ID before entering school grounds.

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Onsite Health Professionals

Concordia has two health offices onsite with full-time, registered nurses to tend to the everyday health needs of our students and who are qualified to handle emergency care.

In addition to our onsite medical staff, all faculty and staff who work directly with students undergo comprehensive first-aid and emergency preparedness training.

Emotional Health and Safety

All children face certain complex emotions during their school years—it’s part of growing up. In addition to their physical safety, we take into account the emotional well-being of our students. Our counseling and guidance staff provide support for students dealing with mental, emotional and stress-related difficulties.

Health & Safety FAQ

Policies for Emotional Health and Safety

Clearing the air

Concordia continues to invest in the safety and health of our school environment. This includes sustainable solutions to ensure clean, safe air in our campus buildings. Built-in systems across campus ensure that the air quality in all classrooms and common areas remains well below U.S. EPA standards in regard to 2.5 particulate and other pollutants even when the external air quality is poor.

External air quality levels are checked throughout the day and reported via color-coded signs at the entrances to each division using the same monitoring equipment as the U.S. Consulate.

Student Health

Illness Prevention

We have effective protocols in place to handle common illnesses and contagious conditions.


We follow the U.S. Center for Disease control international recommendations for immunizations.

Qualified Nurses

Our qualified and caring nurses are available to students and faculty during the school day.

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Required Student Medical Forms

Concordia requires parents to submit two medical forms for each student. Please note that a student will not be allowed to attend classes without these health forms on file in the Health Office.

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Student Medical Forms FAQ

We have listed a number of frequently asked questions that parents have asked over the years regarding student heath requirements for admission and enrollment at Concordia Shanghai.

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Nut & Allergen Awareness

Concordia is aware that it is impossible to eliminate all nut products and ingredients that cause allergic reactions where food is served, but we are a “nut-and-allergen awareness” school.

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More Information about Health & Safety

Contagious Conditions

Any student found to have any of the contagious conditions will be sent home. Parents should notify the Health Office/Nurse’s Station when a student has a contagious condition.

School Phone Number: 5899 0380
Email Address:

Absence Notification

The information provided is not intended as a substitute for appropriate medical intervention. If your child is kept home from school, please call your school secretary to notify them of the absence.

School Phone Number: 5899-0380
(Dial extension upon hearing the greeting message.)

The health and safety of our students, parents, and employees are of the utmost importance to us. We strive to always provide a healthy environment for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our community. If you have any questions or concerns about our campus preparedness, please email