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Finding the right school is one of the most important decisions a family makes. Does the school share your values? Does it put the needs of its students first? When choosing the school that best fits your family, the answer to these questions should be thoughtfully considered.

The community at Concordia is built on a culture of relationships, which we believe is an important part of the educational experience. Our school attracts families who are seeking a high-quality education that focuses on the whole child—not just the intellectual and physical, but the social and spiritual as well. They want a school whose teachers care for their students, support their academic pursuits, and encourage them to grow in all areas of their lives.

As you consider this important decision, we invite you to learn more about Concordia, about our excellent academic program and our comprehensive co-curricular opportunities in fine arts, athletics, and service. We also encourage you to learn about our culture of community, because that’s where we truly shine.

Mr. Steve Winkelman
Head of School
Concordia International School Shanghai

Decision Making

We are intentional about enhancing the student experience and our three-fold, decision-making filter highlights that commitment. When making a decision we ask these questions, in this order:

  1. What's best for students?
  2. What's best for the organization?
  3. What's best for the individual?

Our stakeholders also play an important role in what decisions we should be making at the school. We consider everyone in the Concordia community to be stakeholders, from students and teachers to our parents, administration, and Board.

The Concordia Board

Concordia’s Board is made up of industry experts and community leaders who support and promote the school’s development and growth. The board establishes the mission of Concordia and sets policies to ensure high standards and fiscal stability. The board entrusts the educational program and business matters to Concordia’s administration, faculty, and staff.

Josefina Shen, President
Finance Committee

Peter Ng
Finance Committee

Steve Winkelman, Chairman
Finance Committee
Governance Committee
Strategic Initiatives & Planning Committee

Tony Liu
Strategic Initiatives & Planning Committee

Robert Treme
Governance Committee

Nancy Qian
Strategic Initiatives & Planning Committee

Douglas Sung
Finance Committee

Shameen Prashantham
Governance Committee

Siao Eung Ly
Strategic Initiatives & Planning

Allen Lueth
Governance Committee

Hans Lopez-Vito 
Strategic Initiatives & Planning Committee