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The Concordia Campus


Studies show that great facilities improve student learning. Concordia’s state-of-the-art facilities are purpose-built with an environmental, self-sustainable focus, and are designed to give our students the best possible environment in which to learn, play and develop artistic passion. Our facilities provide the best opportunity for student-athletes to train and perform. Spaces are available for High School, Middle School and Elementary School students to use during and after school for training and play.  

Concordia boasts an energy-efficient green campus.  The entire campus’s heating and cooling system operates with geothermal technology. Available rooftop space was converted into a horticultural education area for students. State-of-the-art green technology allows 25-30 percent savings on the school’s overall energy costs and a reduction in overall environmental impact.  


2023-24 Campus Access Protocol

  • Both Huangyang and Mingyue gates are open to enter and exit campus.  ​

There are three (3) ways for parents to access campus: 

  1. School ID cards for parents​: If you don't have a Concordia ID card yet, please scan the QR code and complete the form. ​
  2. Facial recognition technology for students & parents: Please scan the QR code and start the process by filling out this form. ​
  3. By appointment​: Parents can access campus with an appointment and approval from their divisional office. ​

Exceptions: ​

Grandparents, Ayis, drivers, or other caretakers can receive a school ID card, but will not be added to the facial recognition system. To enter campus, this group must wear their ID card at all time. Access to campus will be denied without an ID card. ​

Designated areas for parents: 

  • Daytime: PC Cafe & PC Commons.​

  • After school: Playgrounds and basketball courts.​

  • Weekends: Playgrounds and basketball courts. ​