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Our Campus

Our Facilities

Studies show that great facilities improve student learning. Concordia’s state-of-the-art facilities are purpose-built with an environmental, self-sustainable focus, and are designed to give our students the best possible environment in which to learn, play and develop artistic passion.

Lower Building

Shanghai's International school Lower Building

The Lower Building was opened in 2007 and quickly became a favorite for the littlest on campus with its rooftop playgrounds, innovative library, purpose-built music and art rooms, and motor skills room for Physical Education and rainy day recess. Elementary school students from Preschool 3 to Grade 3 have homerooms in the Lower Building which also houses all Elementary School offices.

Intermediate Building

Shanghai's International school International Building

The Intermediate Building opened in 2005 and at one time housed much of our growing school. Currently it is used by students from elementary, middle and high school.

  • Grade 4 homerooms and Learning Specialist offices are within easy access to the Lower Building.
  • Homerooms for Grades 5 and 6 are housed here and the Middle School Office is located on the ground floor.
  • The beautiful choir room serves as rehearsal hall to many of our middle and high school choral students.

Upper Building

Shanghai's International school Upper Building

The Upper Building is the newest on campus and was opened in 2009. Housing the Welcome Center, this is the first building that guests visit when they enter the campus. The Upper Building is also used by both middle and high school students and contains the High School offices, the Athletics & Activities Office, and the Concordia Business Office.

Phoenix Center

Shanghai's International school Phoenix Center

Opened in 2003, the Phoenix Center (PC) was the first permanent building on the Concordia campus. It has undergone several modifications as our school has grown and today boasts a suite of maker spaces including a food science lab, a 3D art studio with kiln, STEM-focused maker rooms and a drama room. The PC Commons is a hub of activity, transforming easily from a lunch room that feeds more than 1000+ students and faculty daily to an epic community Christmas Bazaar or university fair. The PC Ford Gym is the school's championship gym and is used for city-wide league games, APAC events and all-school assemblies.

While the Phoenix Center is used by virtually the whole community at some time or another, it is the daily academic home of Grade 7 middle school students as well as the Head of School offices, the Curriculum suite, the Tech Hub and our parent-run Phoenix Shop which sells spirit wear.

Rittmann Fine Arts Center

Shanghai's International school Rittmann Fine Arts Center

The Rittmann Center for the Fine Arts was dedicated in December 2007 in honor of Concordia's second Head of School, Dr. David F. Rittmann. The Rittmann features a 320-seat theater, a courtyard, dressing rooms, a scene shop, costume storage, choral, string and band rehearsal rooms, 2D/3D computer graphics and photography studios and a lobby/gallery area. Designed as a center of creativity and enrichment, the Rittmann Center for the Fine Arts is the perfect learning environment for students and frequently houses school assemblies, special events, guest speakers and theatrical performances. The arts are alive and well in the Rittmann Center and the greater community comes out to experience quality culture and the arts right in their own neighborhood.

Your Neighborhood School

Our campus is bustling even when school is not in session. After-school and evening activities take place throughout the entire school year, making it easy for families to connect, especially those living in close proximity to our suburban campus in Jinqiao, one of Shanghai's largest international enclaves.

Campus Access

As a neighborhood school, our campus is open during school days and on weekends to anyone holding a Concordia ID.

School Days

Between 8:15 AM and 3:00 PM on school days, anyone entering the campus must scan their Concordia ID. Guests who do not have a Concordia ID should temporarily exchange a government issued photo ID for a Visitors badge. The government issued ID can be reclaimed when exiting the campus upon return of the assigned Visitors badge.

Concordia ID or Visitors badge should be displayed while on campus.

Weekday Evenings

  • Between 10PM and 5AM, the campus is closed.and students/families will not be allowed on campus unless authorized by a school official.
  • Middle and high school students are able to use the PC Commons, PC Cafe and PC Lounge until 7PM, or until 10PM with parent or teacher supervision.


As a neighborhood school, our campus is open during the day on weekends to anyone holding a Concordia ID. For the safety of our community members and guests, visitors without a Concordia ID will be asked to sign in with the guards before coming on campus.

Between 10PM and 5AM, the campus is closed and students/families will not be allowed on campus unless authorized by a school official.

National Holidays

During national holidays the campus is closed and students/families will not be allowed on campus unless authorized by a school official. Employees may enter by scanning their Concordia ID.

Whether in the morning, during the school day, or after classes and on weekends, Concordia’s campus belongs to the whole family.