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Middle School

Concordia's Middle School program, designed for students in grades 6 to 8, supports the critical transition into adolescence by nurturing their unique talents and interests.

We emphasize not only academic growth but also focus on their well-being, fostering independence, responsibility, and leadership skills.

Teaching Philosophy
& Methodology

Through meaningful relationships and intentional communities at each grade level, our teachers provide inspiring and relevant hands-on learning that expands student choice and grows independence and responsibility in order to meet the needs of every student so they can thrive in our diverse and complex world.

Inspiring & Relevant Learning

We focus on holistic learning that is hands-on, connects to China, and grows both the academic and spiritual side of each student.

Thriving in a Diverse & Complex World

Students depart the Middle School better equipped with the relevant 21st Century skills to thrive in high school and beyond.

Supporting Every Student

Through differentiated instruction and assessment practices, individualized support, as well as robust Learning Support and English Language Learner programs, our teachers aim to meet every student at his or her level.

Expanding Student Choice

Middle School students choose from diverse elective offerings, music at each grade level, and a wide variety of co-curricular activities.
When students have choice their interest and commitment grow too.

Intentional Community

Relationships in the Middle School are grounded on layers of community, including daily advisory, careful student placement, and grade-level teams so teachers can collaborate and build community.

Middle School Curriculum

Concordia follows an American curriculum with an international focus. The curriculum is adaptable within limits to the academic needs of individual students.

Middle School Curriculum

Seven subject areas are studied each year: 
mathematics, science, English, social studies, physical education, world language, and the fine arts.

MS Sample Schedule


Applied Learning

Middle School Applied Learning program is divided into two sessions throughout the year; students can select one course to take for each session. By mixing grade levels, students are encouraged to develop relationships across the Middle School, not just with their peers but also with different teachers, which deepens our community. 

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Extracurriculum Program

Our sports and extracurricular programs provide fertile ground for middle school students to experience competition, shine in performance, and rise to leadership opportunities.

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Counselling and Learning Support

Each Concordia Middle School counselor serves as an advocate in assisting students with all academic, personal, social, spiritual, and developmental needs. Students are typically referred to their counselors in one of four ways: self-referral, parental-referral, peer-referral, or teacher-referral.
Reasons to see counselor include but are not limited to: Adjustment concerns, anxiety, cultural transitions, depression/outbursts of anger, family issues, interpersonal concerns with peer groups, grief, parent/teen communication, stress, healthy life choices, social skills and conflict resolution.
Referrals are occasionally made to outside therapists, if deemed necessary.

Counseling and Learning Support

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