Concordia Badminton Team: Our Journey at SISAC

Concordia Badminton Team: Our Journey at SISAC

As a freshman, season three was the first time I had ever participated in any team sports. Trying out for the badminton team was a spontaneous yet well-made decision, one made during a very fateful English class. I was confused and lost at first, but getting used to the team was an easy transition, especially since I had 3 other freshmen and an insanely welcoming team. After experiencing the Shanghai Cup, learning multiple drills, and listening to Coach Carreon's speeches, we arrived at the date of SISAC. 

SISAC was a whole new experience, one that made me even more nervous than usual. This was because the team was split into 3 different groups: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. The Day 1 group stayed at Concordia, while Day 2 and Day 3 traveled to the SSIS campus in Suzhou. After going through the Shanghai Cup and multiple friendly matches with the entire team, it made me anxious to see the team split apart. Despite the unusual circumstances, I was prepared and ready to give my all.  

My partner Ingrid and I were a part of the Day 2 team. After enduring a long and tiring bus ride, we arrived on the SSIS campus with the Day 2 and Day 3 teams. As we walked into the gym, the air was filled with the sound of flying shuttles. The Concordia team hastily changed, rushing to our courts and almost immediately beginning our warmup. During warmup, the nerves started to hit me. My mind started racing, filling up with what-ifs and worries. It didn't help that it was my first time competing with Ingrid as a partner. We were both relatively new to the concept of doubles, and though we had improved, we still sometimes had miscommunications. I had no choice but to try and put these thoughts aside as our warmup drew to an end. The Day 2 team picked up their things and moved to a separate gym.

Once we arrived at our gym, the matches started. We went up against SAS PD and PX, SMIC, SSIS… The Day 2 team was doing decently. We constantly supported each other, cheering and encouraging the competing members during our breaks. Ingrid and I had some mistakes. However, we were able to pick ourselves up and brush them off. As the day progressed, we got more confident and our communication improved greatly. Considering that it was our first time competing as a doubles team, I am proud of what we were able to achieve.  

After a long day of hard work, the Concordia Day 2 team was able to bring home the third place trophy for the Day 2/Day 3 part of SISAC. Sadly, our Day 1 and Day 3 teams did not win any trophies.

 Although the Concordia badminton team did not perform as well as we had hoped, I know that we as a team will continue to work hard and push our limits. SISAC may not have been the best, but it was still a valuable experience that gave us a chance to grow. APAC will be a chance for us to prove ourselves and hopefully, bring back a banner. Go Phoenix!

Written by Elsie Fong