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2020-2021 Concordia Fund Projects

Sharing a Meal with People in Need

Concordia students are addressing a need right here in our community. They have met with and interviewed people in the neighborhood with disabilities and who are homeless. In response to understanding their situations and needs, every day a student delivers a fresh hot meal to Mr. Li and Mr. and Mrs. Miao.

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Famous Storytellers

During his virtual visits with EC and ES students, Stanford educated author Joel Ben Izzy has mesmerized them with interesting stories he has gathered on his travels around the world, including a few famous Chinese folktales. Each story he’s shared contains a thoughtful moral lesson that Joel asked the students to ponder.

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Shining Star Supporters

Shining Star is an organization with a mission to reach out in love and service to children left behind in Guangdong when their parents leave to find better work. Before Covid, Concordia students traveled to Guangdong multiple times a year to bring supplies and help with the children and programming. Though unable to travel at this time, students are identifying, collecting, and shipping needed programming supplies such as colored pencils and basketballs until they can meet face to face. (Hoping for a summer trip!)

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The Show must go on!

This November the Concordia Fund sponsored a dinner for Concordia students and employees before the fall play, Almost, Maine. Sharing a meal together was a way to encourage attendance and provide a time for our community to be together in a challenging year.

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Big Books Library

Early childhood is a time for students to learn so many things, including strong English listening and speaking skills. To help with this, A BIG BOOK resource library is being created for teachers so students have even more opportunities to hear, see, and engage with language.

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WILL Foundation Service Trips

This summer and fall middle school students volunteered on Saturdays to help at the WILL Foundation on Chongming Island. The Foundation is home to a group of wonderful children with minor disabilities. At WILL, the children learn skills that will help them become self-supporting adults. During their visits, our students learned about the foundation, helped prepare the inn for guests, planted and harvested vegetables in an aquaponic farm, and bonded with the WILL kids. MS trips will resume in the spring.

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Building Libraries for Schools in Need

Reading Hope is working with the Garuna Foundation to bring English books and resources to their eight schools in Cambodia and Thailand. Last year the Concordia Fund enabled a service trip to the Garuna Foundation for Concordia families. Unable to travel this year, the Concordia Reading Hope team catalogued, curated, packed, and shipped eight “libraries”—one for each of Garuna’s schools—that provide free afternoon education for children.

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Bringing classroom learning to life with Trevor Lai

Concordia students get up close with Trevor Lai, author-illustrator, founder of UP Studios, and creator of Super BOOMi, a #1 rated show across China. Interviewing, storytelling, brainstorming, and learning about entrepreneurship are just some of the things students explore with Trevor. Through assemblies with elementary, middle, and high school, this  stimulating artistic project, brings creative excitement to the corridors and classroom of the school.

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Deepening opportunities in biochemistry

Student access to new analytical instruments used in biology and chemistry will provide opportunities for connecting conceptual knowledge to the laboratory procedures and tools used to verify our current understanding of natural phenomena.

Concordia science team expect that improved laboratory instrumentation will allow for still greater student achievement in primary research of current scientific importance and developing deeper passion for scientific advancement.

Biochemistry lab equipment has been made possible through a generous gift from the Cai Family.

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New STEM, robotics and programming lab

Next year MS will add two new STEM electives—robotics and programming. These courses will be supported by a new MS STEM lab, which will be positioned close to the MS to enable collaboration and cross learning.

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Skills for Transitioning to College

Transitioning to college can be difficult and transitioning during a global pandemic even more so. In collaboration with alumni relations and the HS counselors, parents of HS seniors had a session with a transition coach and counselor who helped provide guidance as students faced an unprecedented start to college.

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BIG Data Conference

Though unable to attend in person, Concordia students presented their individual research findings via ZOOM for the 2021 4th International Conference on Big Data and Education. Concordia is the only HS invited to attend this event for college and graduate level participants.

Big Data projects have been made possible this year through a generous gift from the Da Family.

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Concordia Big Data Workshop

Concordia Big Data students will present on why Big Data matters and lead a workshop for MS and HS students to learn how understanding and utilizing big data can help address world problems.

Big Data projects have been made possible this year through a generous gift from the Da Family.

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Outdoor Community Space Under the Bridge

This collaborative project between students, parents, and staff aims to create an outdoor communal gathering space under the bridge between the Upper Building and Phoenix Center, complete with seating, greenery, and game tables like fussball and ping pong.

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Economics Competition

Eight Concordia students are participating in the National Economics Challenge. Students will be competing in micro and macro economics and principals and knowledge or world economy. 

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Reducing Food Waste Master Class

Twenty Concordia students will take the PACE Master Class to learn about becoming part of a ‘circular economy’, “an economy where ‘waste’ is valued and reintegrated into the supply chain.” It is an intense, research-based, knowledge-rich, and inspiring high-level educational program supported by multiple case studies that are tailored to the Concordia community. It aims to enrich awareness on sustainability and to bring about sustainable change.

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Coming in the fall! The local Girl Scout organization is sponsoring a STEM Day! HS Girl Scouts in collaboration with Concordia teachers and staff will lead and facilitate this learning experience to build curiosity and passion for STEM.

The Girl Scouts generously gave to sponsor the Girls and STEM program.

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Navigating Cultural Differences

Middle school years are a critical time in building identity and equipping students and parents with knowledge and tools and lead to better success. Dr.  Josephine Kim, a lecturer on education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is widely known in the international school community as an expert on issues of diversity, equity, mental wellness, and family issues, among other topics. Dr. Kim will speak to the parent and student community on navigating the differences between Western and Asian cultural approaches to education and learning.

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Learning and acting on behalf of Syrian Refuges

Jordan Hattar of Refuges4Refugees is offering interview sessions this year to teams of HS Storytelling Students to assist in their creative projects. Jordan provides contextual information on the nature of thousands of refugees who exited Syria and assimilated into Jordan and neighboring countries over the last decade. Students will also have the opportunity to have conversations and build relationships with Syrian University students and families and will facilitate the first ever tandem peer review and writing collaboration between HS Concordia students and Syrian refugee students.

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Extra Extra Read All About It!

Designed to provide an authentic journalism learning experience, HS students launched The Concordia Phoenix Post Newsmagazine to provide the Concordia HS community with accurate, interesting and thought-provoking journalism. The newspaper team will produce two issues delivered in a timely fashion with an ever-improving level of quality and depth of coverage.

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EC/ES Library Resources

With the library renovation completed, this year more than 1,000 new books and library resources are being added to the EC/ES collection. New award-winning books, popular series additions, and replacements for well-loved and worn books are coming soon.

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Experiencing the stock market first hand!

The Concordia Investment Club hosts a months-long stock market simulation competition designed to teach students the complexities of investing. This year students from across Shanghai have joined in the competition as well. Hadrian Capital sponsors the Concordia Investment Club and makes this real life learning opportunity possible.

The stock market simulation competition is made possible through a generous gift from Hadrian Capital.

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Equipment support for nurse training

New practice materials and health equipment will allow nurses to update their training on campus and also provide some additional health screening for the Concordia community.

Equipment to keep our nurses up to date on their training was made possible through a generous gift from the Shao Family.

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Concordia Master Classes

Join us this spring for our first Concordia Master Class with Lisa Toner, Concordia Shanghai EC/ES librarian and published author of more than 40 children’s books. Mrs. Toner will speak about the value and benefits of reading for pleasure.

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Poetry in Motion

Rich poetical and rhyming language is important to the development of language learners, particularly our youngest children. Having fun with words and sounds is crucial to language acquisition and language development. Janet Wong, recipient of the NCTE Excellence in Children's Poetry Award for 2020, will lead virtual poetry workshops in which she will share the joy and language benefits of poetry with our early childhood students.

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Students develop mathematics picture book

Utilizing concepts learned in the classroom, Concordia HS students, under the leadership of Dr. Tong, wrote a mathematics picture book to supplement teaching in the EC and ES levels. The book will be printed and distributed to students and housed in our libraries.

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Guest Poet in High school

Guest anthology poet Mia Cheung, a third culture kid, shared her experiences authoring and publishing TCK inspired poems and provided feedback to our HS students on their work. Students received a copy of Cheung’s anthology.

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Remodel of HS Science Laboratories

Proposed but not yet approved for funding

Four HS science classrooms would be reconstructed and remodeled to create space and opportunities for additional lab and research time, develop stronger lab skills, and be encouraged to further study STEM subjects.

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