Concordia Shanghai

PSO News Update

1. A PSO Giving Thanks Community Meeting was held on Oct 20th at Rittmann Theatre. This was our first PSO-organized event to appreciate teachers, staff, and parent volunteers.

Teachers Martin Holbery and Terri Pham from EC, Dr. Casey Koschmeder and Jamie Halula from ES, Bree Joiner-Grice and David Lyon from MS, Meg Ideker and Joel Klammer from HS were recognized for their community service. In addition, Jenny Tan, Dr. Jennifer Rizzo and Summer Yu were recognized as staff honourees and Brenda Lyon and Carrie Hau as parent volunteer honourees.

We really enjoyed having parents come and appreciate this service recognition with PSO. The event was a small part of PSO’s big goal of showing appreciation to our community and was designed to be the first of many.


2. MS Parents sprang a surprise Appreciation Ceremony on our MS Principal Dr Andy Aldrich before MS Parent Coffee on 14 October.

Early in the morning a Black Forest cake with the words “Dr Aldrich, We Appreciate You!” was wheeled quietly into Wittenburg Hall.  On the pretext of making a PSO announcement, we surprised Dr Aldrich with a heartfelt appreciation message, the cake, and a standing ovation.

We are truly grateful and feel blessed, not just for our Principal but all our MS staff and teachers for ploughing through pre-teen and teen-hood with our children and us, with extra doses of love, patience and wisdom.


3. Popcorn Perks

High School students were cheered up with surprise free popcorn treats!

Thank You to the parents who helped bring a little sunshine and smiles to our hard-working students and staff in the HS Division. Thank You also to the HS students who dressed in Autumn Colors for the PSO P4TD Fall theme day.


4. PSO HS Service Grant Program

The PSO HS Service Grant Program encourages HS students to run activities which help others by providing funding for service projects. Students can find the applications at the PSO page of the Concordia website. Application deadlines are once a month. Encourage your child to serve and to apply for support!!