Concordia Shanghai

PSO News Update

1. Last Friday October 8th, Grade 6 held its first PSO parent breakfast and coffee. Parents were happy to meet each other again, a rare opportunity during this Covid season.

We discussed possible activities for the year, how to show care for our teachers and staff, and a call for volunteers. We also welcomed many new parents who were able to get support from existing parents on downloading Concordia apps and answering various questions. Join us for more upcoming parent gatherings!

2. An EC room parents meeting was held on Thursday morning, October 7 with EC principals, Dr. Gerdes and Ms. Mcintyre.  Dr. Gerdes gave the parents a warm welcome and an inspiring speech for this new year for Concordia EC community. 

3. The sky was clear and blue for the HS October holiday rowing outing. Fun, fresh air, fitness, food, and fellowship!

4. G9 parents had a great start to their morning with a lovely breakfast enjoying delicious Malaysian treats, friendship, games, and information sharing. 

5. G10 parents enjoyed good conversation, friendship, and information exchange over a relaxing and tasty Guizhou lunch.