Concordia Shanghai

Meet Our New PSO Committees for 2020-21

Meet our new members to the 2020/2021 PSO committees

PSO China Ambassador
Kate Sun

New Parents Welcome
Amita Gupta
Ruby Lopez-Vito

PSO Explorer Club
Lyn She Wu

Staff Appreciation
Selina Yeh

Christmas Bazaar
Minah Choi
Samantha Lim

New PSO setup this school year!

In order to foster closer ties within Concordia family and in coordination with the school, PSO divisional Vice Presidents have introduced coordinators for each grade level. Together with the VPs, the group strives to assist their representing grade parents with general issues and will organize activities for parents and families. Check out the name(s) of your grade coordinators now and await to hear from them soon with loads of exciting activities ahead.

Early Childhood Division

PS Coordinator
Emma Shao

PK Coordinator
Yan Gao

Middle School Division

Grade 5 Coordinators
Eng Hong Ngoh
Ruby Lopez - Vito

Grade 6 Coordinators
Esther Tang
Dan Wei

Grade 7 Coordinators
Oceane Song
Sophie Wang

Grade 8 Coordinators
Karen Kong
Kim Cryer

High school Division

Grade 9 Coordinators
Belinda Tan
Nickie Tran

Grade 10 Coordinator
Ke Li

Grade 11 Coordinators
Ted Yang
Shane Xu

Grade 12 Coordinator
Jennifer Hoang