Concordia Shanghai

Student Voices Speech Competition

The 2021 ‘Student Voices’ speech competition will be coming soon! This event is co-sponsored by HuMaNiuWa, Shanghai Family and Parents & Kids under Xinmin Evening News.

1. Purpose:

This competition is designed to provide students with a stage where they can speak out their opinions and let their voices be heard. This time, contestants can freely express their views about "My Hometown". They can also develop their thinking and expressive skills by communicating with their peers.  

2. Topic:


3. Required Material:

Submit a video within 1 minute (including a self-introduction and a declaration supporting your entry in English) (file formats: mp4, mov, avi, etc.)

Profile photograph, 1MB in size (file formats: jpg, png, tiff, etc.)

4. Deadline for submission:

March 15th if submitted individually and March 25th if submitted through school.

5. Age Groups:

Entries will be divided into three age groups: 6-10yrs old, 11-14yrs old, 15-18yrs old.

6. Stages of the Competition:

Preliminary, semi-final, final

7. Contestants:

Students from international schools, bilingual schools or public schools.

8. Other Matters:

a) Each school can recommend student representatives to participate in the competition, and those who are recommended by the school have the priority to enter the semi-final competition.

b) The written speeches of the semi-final contestants will directly be entered in the 2021 Art & Writing competition.

c) If you are willing to provide your school venue for the semi-final, please contact us.

Please reply by email whether your child would like to participate in the 2021 ‘Student Voices’ speech competition as a Concordia student entry. Contest submissions, including contestants’ information (name, age, grade, nationality and their parents contact information) should be submitted to the school before 25th March 2021.

The winners in the final competition will receive certificates jointly issued by Xinmin Evening News, HuMaNiuWa, Shanghai Family and Parents & Kids.