Concordia Shanghai

Amid Cheers & Tears, Long-Serving Teacher Ms. Wendy Xu Bids Farewell

Cheers and tears, high fives and cries – as we wrap up this school year, it is also time for us to bid goodbye to Ms. Wendy Xu, who has served as a teacher and coach for countless students here at Concordia over the past 18 years, be it in the Mandarin classroom or on the badminton court.  A globally minded teacher, she has imparted her knowledge and wisdom to her students, giving light to their dreams of exploring the diverse world. 

Wendy has been a part of the Concordia family for 18 years. She has given countless time and energy to Concordia students, families and teachers during this time. From the classroom, to the Badminton court, and every in between, she has been fixture of strength and perseverance at Concordia. Concordia and the community thank you for your service and continuous dedication.

– Aaron Chowning, High School Principal

As she says goodbye, Wendy recalls some of her unforgettable memories with the school community and the city that she has gathered over the years.  

Q1: When did you start working at Concordia?  

My oldest daughter joined Concordia in February 2004. When the school year of 2004 – 2005 started, there was a shortage of Mandarin teachers. Since then I became part of the Concordia family. Time is flying. Can’t believe this is my 18th year working at Concordia already. 

Q2: What will you miss the most about the school and the community? 

I will miss the wonderful students the most. We helped each other to grow. Before I came to Concordia, I was teaching industrial process control theory to college students at Zhejiang University. It is the students’ passion on learning Chinese inspired me to keep exploring more efficient ways of teaching Chinese to meet their needs. I am so glad to see my students fall in love with Mandarin learning.  

Q3: Could you share some fond/interesting memories of your time with your students or colleagues?    

Besides teaching Chinese, I have been the Varsity Badminton Coach for many years. I have brought back 6 championships of APAC tournaments. For badminton APAC tournament, there is a complicated points calculation system. The first two days’ round robin points will be added to the last day’s final competition. The boys team was placed 2nd after the round robin in 2016 APAC hosted by Canadian Academy. I couldn’t sleep that night and felt the points calculation might wrong. So I started to calculate point by point by hand. It turned out the results calculated by computer was wrong and the committee changed it without announcing to everyone. (I am glad that I have a good sense of numbers). So I kept that “secret” till the end. Everyone except me couldn’t believe our boys won the championship when the host announced in the award ceremony. I still remember how surprised and excited they were.  

Q4: Departing message to your students? 

Listen to your heart and follow your passion. Mastering an extra language will be an asset in your life.

Q5: How long have you been living in Shanghai? What will you miss the most about the city?

Even though both my parents are Shanghainese, I never lived in Shanghai till 2004 when I moved back from Canada. I love the diverse foods and multiculturalism here in Shanghai. You can almost have any types of food and culture in the world. The recent lockdown of Shanghai has made me miss the delicious food and various activities already. I can imagine how much I will miss Shanghai after I leave.

Q6: What is your plan after leaving Concordia? Where are you planning to go from here or planning to move forward?  

I followed my oldest daughter to Concordia and I am going to follow my youngest one to US as she is going to attend Kent School in Connecticut.

Thank you, Ms. Xu. We are bidding you farewell but we our hearts will never say goodbye to the wonderful things you have left us.