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Concordia Presents: Masterclass & Big Data
Masterclass: Lisa Toner

Pictured: Faculty member Lisa Toner interviewed for Concordia's Masterclass series. 

Dear Parents,

As we prepare for fall break, we would like to share two educational opportunities with you: 1. For parents especially and 2. For MS and HS students.

The Concordia Masterclass is a series of conversations with Concordia faculty who share how their experiences outside the classroom impact their teaching. They share ways parents can also encourage learning and care for their children.

We now have all but one video posted on Concordia’s Intellectual Hub. If you are interested, you can view them here: One more class, with Dr. Jennifer Rizzo, is in production and will be posted later.

Concordia’s own Big Data students created an on-line course designed to introduce the concepts and applications of Big Data to other MS and HS students. Your students (or even you!) are welcome to explore the site and to learn how understanding Big Data can optimize many industries.