Concordia Shanghai

Chinese COVID-19 Vaccination for Foreign Minors aged 12-17

Two dose-Chinese vaccination. 200RMB total.


  • Use both a parent’s and student’s passport to register the Healthcare Cloud APP (健康云)and make reservation. Once booked, you will receive a text message for your appointment details. (click “COVID-19 Vaccination Registration Guideline for Foreign Minors”) 
  • Obtain “Vaccination Bar Code” which is generated through the Healthcare Cloud APP on your phone. Save the screenshot.
  • You will be able to select a vaccination clinic:
  • Closest: “Shanghai East Hospital (Headquarter)” in Pudong district.
  • English service: “Jiahui International Hospital” in Xuhui district.

On the day of vaccination:

  • Materials to bring:
    • Original passports for both the student and parent.
    • Phone (with the “Vaccination Bar Code” screenshot and appointment text message)
    • Mask
  • Fasting: No need. Students should eat some before vaccinating.
  • Documents to sign on site:
  • Informed consent
  • Letter of commitment on receiving the vaccine
  • Attention: Students must be accompanied by parents or guardians otherwise they might not be allowed to vaccinate.
  • Observation: The students shall strictly follow the rules to stay in the observation area of designated vaccination clinics for another 30 minutes. Pay close attention to their physical condition 14 days after vaccination. In case of any serious adverse reaction, they should go to the hospital to seek medical advice promptly accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Vaccine record: You can obtain the vaccine certificate through “Health Cloud” app. Once you have both dosages completed, please send both records to