Concordia Shanghai

Updated Travel Protocols for the Concordia Community

Dear Parents, 


The Shanghai government published their “8 Prevention and Control Measures for People Coming and Returning to Shanghai in Winter and Spring” plan on January 13, 2021. On January 14, 2021 all schools in Shanghai received further requirements from the education authorities about their epidemic prevention work in Winter, including inter-China travel. As COVID-19 continues to spread in some areas of China, these new notices are intended to protect Shanghai and our schools from the COVID-19 threat.   


The current travel regulations are as follows: 

  • All students and employees should not travel outside of Shanghai, unless for essential reasons such as returning to hometown to visit family or essential business travel to low-risk areas. Family vacations are not considered essential.  
  • Families who leave Shanghai for the above essential travel reasons will be required to follow a government mandated centralized or home quarantine and take NAT tests if the risk level of the travel destination changes to medium or high-risk. This may impact your child’s ability to attend school.  
  • These regulations will remain in effect at least until March 31, 2021.  


  • 除前往低风险地区返乡探亲、必要公务以外,所有学生及教职工非必要不离沪。家庭度假旅行不视为必要出行原因。 
  • 以上二项必要离沪出行人员须知,各地区疫情风险等级会随时发生变化,如出行后,所前往的低风险地区风险等级提高,须按政府要求进行集中或居家隔离,并接受相应的核酸检测。过程期间会影响您孩子正常入校上学。 
  • 以上措施自发布之日起实施至2021年3月31日。 

In addition to the above points, the government plan also emphasized guidelines for schools to follow, such as strengthening our data collection, additional student and employee health monitoring, and stricter campus preparedness. As a result, we will be requiring all families who have essential travel to fill out additional health and travel forms, so we can cooperate with government requirements and so your children can return to on-campus instruction.  


In accordance with the government requirements for COVID-19 prevention, we require you to: 

  • If it’s essential for you student to travel out of Shanghai, apply to your division office in advance with your “travel date”, “reason” and “city/province” you plan to travel. 
  • Complete the “Student Health & Travel Report – complete upon returning to Shanghai” form as soon as you return to Shanghai. If we haven’t received the information as soon as you return to Shanghai, it may impact your student’s campus access.  
  • Review the medium/high risk areas list through the Concordia COVID-19 website before, during, and after your travel. 


  • 如学生确因必要须离沪,您须提前邮件我们出行时间、理由和前往省份城市。 
  • 返沪后立即填写“学生健康及旅行报告-返沪后填写”。如果我们未及时收到信息,可能会影响您孩子的入校资格。 
  • 在出行过程中,请关注中高风险地区的实时变化。您可通过学校防疫网页进行查询。 

Please remember that if the place you traveled to or through becomes a medium or high-risk area, your child will not be able to access campus and must follow the government requirements for quarantine and NAT testing to re-apply for campus access.  


Please continue to follow strict personal safety practices and observe your health status closely during your travels. Thank you for your cooperation! 


Senior Leadership Team 

Concordia International School Shanghai