Concordia Shanghai

Important Notice about October Break Travel | 关于十一假期出行的重要通知

Dear Community Members,  


As October Break approaches, we look forward to a period of rest as we celebrate the holiday. You may be aware of the recent outbreak in Fujian Province the threat of COVID-19 is still real and that schools need to remain strong and persistent in protecting our students and our community from the potential spread of the virus.  


Thank you for your continued dedication to the health of our community by following these rules. 


We would like to update you on the recent notice from the authorities over the past weekend regarding the October travel, leading to the travel protocol change below. 

  • Employees and students are urged to reduce travel and celebrate the holiday in Shanghai.
  • Do not travel to cities with medium/high risk areas. Click Concordia Covid-19 Website for details.
  • If you must travel, only travel to low risk areas.  
    1. Let your Division Office know your travel itinerary (
    2. To ensure your campus access on October 6th, you will to need to plan to return Shanghai no later than October 4th and conduct a NAT test (book it in advance at a foreign clinic) right away. Obtain the negative report, upload and submit the “Student Travel and Health Form” by noon 12pm on October 5th. Your Division Office will review your data and confirm your campus access.
    3. Make sure you record your travel history of places you’ve visited and monitor your health status.
    4. Families who plan to travel outside of Shanghai will be required to follow a government-mandated centralized or home quarantine and take tests if the risk level of the travel destination changes to medium or high-risk. This may impact you and your student’s ability to return to campus on October 6th.


  • 倡导师生员工减少出行,鼓励就地过节。
  • 不前往有中高风险地区的域市。请点击 Concordia Covid-19 Website 网站查看详细。
  • 如须离沪,仅前往低风险地区。
    1. 请事先报备学生的出行行程给所在的学部办公室。( )
    2. 为确保出行学生10月6日顺利返校,请安排在10月4日返沪并完成核酸检测,在10月5日中午12点前上传检测报告并提交学生旅行及健康卡。待学部办公室确认信息后,方可返校。
    3. 确保您记录好行程轨迹并监测学生的健康状况。
    4. 各地区疫情风险等级会随时发生变化。如出行中或后,前往的低风险地区风险等级提高,须按政府要求进行集中或居家隔离,并接受相应的核酸检测。过程期间会影响您孩子正常入校。

Please remember that it is critical for each member of our community to provide truthful and accurate travel and health information for our school to meet the required virus prevention measures.  


We hope you and your family have a safe and healthy break.



The Concordia Leadership Team