Concordia Shanghai

Christmas Break Travel Protocol Update

There are currently 7 high-risk areas and 69 medium-risk areas within China.  Please review the  Current Medium/High risk areas in China for details. 

Based on the most recent government guidelines, the Concordia community travel recommendations are as follows: 

  • No non-essential travel outside of Shanghai. 
  • Essential travel can only happen to cities that are not in medium/high-risk areas. 

If you choose to travel, the regulations are as follows: 

    1. Please let your child's Divisional Office know of your travel itinerary in advance
    2. If the neighborhood/street/town/county/district/city you visit becomes medium/high-risk areas before you return, you will not be able to return Shanghai and will be required to quarantine there.  In some cases, it may be longer than 14 days, depending on the local city/province quarantine rule.
    3. If the neighborhood/street/town/county/district/city you visit becomes a medium/high-risk area within 14 days after you return, you are required to complete 14 days of government mandatory quarantine, or home health observation, with two NAT tests before accessing campus. 
    4. If the neighborhood/street/town/county/district/city you visit remains low-risk area after you return, you will be required to do one NAT test within 48 hours before accessing campus.  In a situation where you have accessed campus, but your visited area becomes medium/high-risk, point 3 will apply. 
  • If travel, submit the “Student Travel and Health Form” immediately after you obtained the NAT test result to apply for campus access. 
  • If you need to be off-campus to complete a quarantine or health observation, please let your child's divisional office know.

Some of you may recall the outbreak protocols we had in the Summer as we worked closely with you to complete the government quarantine and test requirements.  Once we receive any new government information, we will immediately share it with you.