Concordia Shanghai

Campus Access Requirements

As you prepare to enter the Concordia campus, please pay special attention to the Covid protocols. Concordia is still following a strict gate access screening process, as required by the local government. To continue to keep our campus healthy please be aware of the following requirements: 

Travel Considerations

Please remember that any person entering the Concordia campus may not have travelled out of Shanghai in the past 14 days or if they have traveled to low-risk area(s), the person must have a negative NAT report. This report must be obtained in Shanghai after completing travel out of the city in compliance with government guidelines.

International Travel

If you have just arrived back in China from international travel, there are additional requirements for quarantine and self health observations in place.

The new quarantine request for international passengers are 14 days hotel quarantine and 7 days home quarantine plus 3 days home health observation.  During the 3 days, the students or employees cannot:
  • access school campus 
  • have contact with any other students or employees from the school.
 1 NAT test need to be done when finishing the 3 day home health observation.

Time Restrictions on Access to Campus 

  • EC Students have access during the school day from admittance to dismissal.
  • ES and MS Students will have access to campus from 7:30 am until dismissal, unless they have a scheduled activity and are supervised by Concordia staff. Supervising staff need to ensure that all students exit campus after any planned after-school activity.
  • HS Students will have access from 7:30 am until 4:30 pm in the Upper Building (HS) and then until 5:45 pm in the PC Lounge/Café area, unless they are participating in a scheduled activity with faculty and then they may stay until the completion of their event. The HS will be preparing the guidelines for this access to distribute to students.

How do I access campus?

In advance, please:

  • Complete the Concordia Health Commitment Letter If you have not already done so.
  • Student families that have not done so already will need to If you have a Concordia student newly enrolled at Concordia, please complete the Concordia Enrollment Agreement. (You will have received a separate reminder to complete this.)

On the day you access campus
When you access campus please: 

  1. Monitor your student’s temperature every morning. Do not attempt to enter campus if you have a fever.  Instead, please contact the health office at
  2. Complete the Health Form online 
    Remember, you need to complete this EVERYDAY.
    (Click to access and hit submit to obtain the “Concordia Health QR Code”.  Keep a screen shot of the QR code. Faculty, staff and students should be able to use facial recognition to access campus, but you will want to have a screen shot in case of any issues with recognition). 
  3. Parents and Visitors

Please remember to:

  1. Bring These: 
  • All who enter the campus must have a mask with them
  • All who enter campus must have their ID card (except EC and ES students).      
  1. Wash Hands /Use Hand Sanitizer: We will continue to require that anyone entering campus either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer in accord with government guidelines and general good health practices to keep our campus as safe as possible. Please stop at the hand hygiene stations located inside the gate before moving on to your on-campus destination.