Concordia Shanghai

Campus Access and Inter-China Travel

You may have heard about communications from other Shanghai schools changing inter-China travel and campus access rules this week. We have discussed these rules with the education authorities, and have confirmed that the below conditions are still required. 

Concordia Shanghai is committed to respecting and following the rules and regulations set by the city and education authorities. They are carefully setting rules to protect our communities from the threat of the COVID-19 virus. As we have seen recently in Qingdao, Tianjin, Xinjiang, and now in Pudong, the threat of the virus spreading is still a possibility, and it is up to each school and individual to support the education authorities and protect Shanghai and our school community.

We know that our families have a strong desire to travel, especially as you start to plan for the upcoming Christmas and Winter break. We hope that there will be changes to the travel and campus access requirements, and promise to share with you as soon as we have confirmed any changes with the education authorities.



Confirmed November 12, 2020

Campus Rules & Regulations

In accordance with the government guidelines for school epidemic prevention, any student or employee who leaves Shanghai must complete a 14-day self-health observation in Shanghai before being able to return to campus. This includes travel within China.

14-day self-health observation means:

  • Daily temperature checking
  • Recording your health status and travel activity tracking
  • Timely seeking medical advice for a fever or other sickness symptoms
  • Reporting student and family health situations to the school
  • Restricting the students from entering the school’s campus

14-Day Health Observation Exceptions

An exception to this rule may be allowed for students in emergency and critical scenarios beyond a family’s control. The government is allowing schools to receive these requests directly from parents and consider each scenario. The purpose of this exception is to allow schools to support students and families in very difficult and rare situations, while still following certain epidemic prevention best practice protocols. We have confirmed with the education authorities that personal travel and holiday travel are not included in this special exclusion.

Families who are granted an exception need pre-approval from the school and negative NAT tests before returning to campus. Please email your division office if you want to apply for an exception to the above rules and regulations.

Thank you for doing your very important part of keeping our community safe and our school open for on-campus instruction by following these rules and regulations. Every student, parent, and employee has a critical role in keeping our school community healthy and safe.