The High School Ambassadors’ mission is to “unite the Concordia community by actively welcoming new students, creating a friendly school environment, embracing diversity and helping at school functions.” Each Ambassador is paired with a new student in order to answer questions and assist with transition to Concordia. Additionally, Ambassadors serve the school community by greeting visiting teams, assisting with outgoing transition events and representing the school at special events.

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Ready! Set! Go! Let the workout begin. Come and become a part of Concordia’s first FCA Huddle. Huddles will provide opportunities to grow as a leader and participate in athletic service opportunities both within Concordia and the local community.

Student Council

Concordia's High School Student Council is charged with encouraging a strong sense of community within the student body while nurturing a commitment to academic excellence, service, school spirit and positive relationships.  Student Council Officers serve to model behaviors and attitudes that are consistent with Concordia's purpose, to identify and offer enriching experiences that add value to the academic, social and spiritual experience of the school, and to serve as a bridge between the interests of the student body and the administration.

Student Council includes a four-person executive committee as well as three elected representatives per class.

Student Council organizes annual events including the High School Christmas Breakfast, Olympic Week, and Study Hall Saturdays.

Additional HS Leadership CCAS include:

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)



ES CCA Volunteer Club

Prom Committee


Global Issues Network

Focusing upon the world’s most pressing needs, students in the Global Issues Network (GIN) Club discuss, debate and develop a deeper understanding of the connections that exist between the issues and create cooperative initiatives to solve these problems. Concordia participates in the annual Global Issues Network Conference that is sponsored by EARCOS – East Asia Regional Conference of Schools.

Additional HS Service CCAs include:

BaoBei Student Service Group

Heart to Heart

Huge Grace Orphanage Service Committee

Li Foundation

Reading Hope

Service Club

Sustainable Success

Transition Club


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