Zeitgeist is Concordia’s outstanding literary and arts magazine. A student initiative that was founded in 2011, this magazine allows students to express ideas and opinions through news and feature articles, creative writing, photography and visual arts. It aims to inspire thoughtful dialogue and to serve as a space where students can engage in mature, sophisticated conversations about issues that are relevant and important. We publish 3-4 issues of Zeitgeist each academic year.


Learn the process of publication, from planning to page to print. Have a hand in creating the book that will stand as a record of your high school career. Help determine what to emphasize and highlight as you give your memories permanence. For those with an interest in design, layout, editing or photography, there is something for everyone joining the yearbook club. Meeting dates are determined by staff; different sections may meet independently of each other, so drop in any day after school.

Spanish Club, NSHS

The Spanish Club is open to students in Grades 8 through 12 and meets on average three times per month usually during lunch or on Saturdays. Spanish Club introduces students to language and cultural experiences related to Spanish-speaking countries. Past activities have included: cooking Spanish and Mexican food, playing language games, watching movies and TV shows in Spanish, a Mexican-themed Christmas party, Latin dancing, taco sales for charity, Spanish-language based games (Boggle, Banana grams etc), Mexican Independence Day celebration and making piñatas.

Chinese Club/CHS

Concordia’s Chinese Club gives students opportunities to learn about and appreciate Chinese culture and language.

Additional HS Literacy CCAs


Ficticity Creative Writing Club


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