Quiz Bowl/World Scholars Cup

  • Do you know the location of the Atacama Desert?
  • Do you know about the dispute between Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz?
  • Can you name the Renaissance man known for painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling and sculpting David?
  • Which treaty was earlier, the Treaty of Versailles or the Treaty of Paris?

If you know the answers to these questions or have thousands of random facts floating around in your brain you should be in Quiz Bowl. In Quiz Bowl, teams of four to six students compete to answer questions from all high school academic areas as well as the occasional current events, pop culture or sports question. Competitions may be single or multi-day events.

iLens Photography

Photographs capture the moments that are very valuable priceless. The purpose of the club serves to help capture essence of moments in Concordia students’ life, and help to them to make their memory a more lively one. This club will encourage, and help Concordia members to capture their life and experience in this country/city that they might be leaving one day.

In Concordia, everyone cherishes this opportunity to live in this wonderful and loving environment, and through taking pictures of our surrounding, we will be able to spread our feelings with many others. The club would focus on letting the Concordia community experience the power of observation, and how their live can be much more interesting and meaningful, as they seek out beauty in life through the lenses. These pictures and the emotions and ideas behind them will allow this community to be much more lively and tightly knitted , as we start to see our daily life in others' perspectives, and stand in others' shoes.

Additional HS Exploration CCAs

Fashion and Design Club

Hadrian Capital Club

  • Exploration