Bloxels EDU is an intuitive platform for creating video games in the classroom. Bloxels EDU will encourage collaboration while guiding students through a design thinking process. When students build games, they become the writers, artists, designers, and developers of their own interactive game that can be used to teach and tell stories.

Mad Science

(G1-G2) Do you want to be a little archaeologist and explore the formation of fossils? Do you want to be a little nutritionist, exploring the nutrition that our body requires, and learn why eating three meals a day is healthy? Do you want to come along with us to a “crime scene” and help solve a mystery as a junior detective? What important information did your fingerprints leave behind? Through a series of fun and interactive scientific experiments, students learn observational skills to feed their curiosity and develop initiative and creativity. Mad Science delivers unique, hands-on science experiences. No refunds. **1200RMB for the 6-week session.

(G3-G4) Want to learn how to make some unique sounds? Use various types of equipment to experiment and make the sounds of frogs, birds, and even falling rain! Would you like to become a vehicle engineer?  Use gears, wheels, axles and more to build a motor vehicle. Learn more about the forces behind airplanes, trains, and cars.  You will be introduced to, and will feel the forces of friction, inertia, and gravity, to better understand Newton's Laws of Motion. Mad Science delivers unique, hands-on science experiences. No refunds. **1200RMB for the 6-week session.

Electrical Circuits

Join this exciting CCA as we explore electrical circuits and circuitry. Students will explore open vs closed circuits. These circuits will turn lights off and on, operate motors, sound and fans and other fun projects exploring how open and closed electrical circuits work. Due to the nature of this CCA, it is open to only third and fourth grade.

Girls Who Code

Girls! Are you an “imagineer”? Are you someone who likes to imagine, design, and create? Join Girls Who Code! Learn the basics of coding as we design programs to recreate familiar childhood games. Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as tap into your unlimited creativity! Combine your talents to engineer and imagine!

Math Games & Puzzles

Do you love numbers? Have fun with math doing puzzles, tangrams, card games and other games. Explore even more ways which math can be enjoyable!

Creative Math Club

Do you enjoy math or find math challenging? Come, join our creative math projects club, you will have fun creating and playing variety of math games!

Let’s Explore nature

Do you want to explore the nature by reading Chinese picture books without Pinyin? If so, come to join us and improve your Chinese non-fiction reading skills! We will focus on animal and plants. Read original Chinese books about nature and be challenged with interesting reading comprehension exercises to learn about nature!

Green Screen Productions!

Students will spend 6 sessions planning, writing a script, preparing materials and producing a green screen 'movie.' They will have fun while being creative and learning the process of making a green screen movie from start to finish.

Digital Book Creator

Do you like being creative? Do you like writing and publishing books? If you do, this is the CCA for you. We will use book creator on the iPads to create and publish stories on any topic you are interested in.

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