Reader's Theatre

Express your dramatic talents and reading skills! Practice reading several reader’s theatre plays, then choose a favorite play, create character puppets, and perform a puppet show for your parents. This is a great way to practice expressive reading and use your dramatic skills.

Let’s explore the world of science in Mandarin!

Do you want to explore the secret of science by making simple models? If so, come to join us and improve your Chinese while exploring the world of science! The instruction language will be Mandarin.

Battle of the Books

Prepare for Battle! This commitment spans across the Fall and Winter CCA sessions culminating in a live Shanghai School-on-School “duel” set in March. Engage with friends, in more than just a Book Club where you will read, challenge, discuss, and ultimately prove your knowledge about at least 4 of the following books:
· Crenshaw by Kathrine Applegate

· Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry

· Hello Universe by Erin Kelly

· Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder

· Read Friends by Shannon Hale

· The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Bradley

· Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea

· The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Put on your “armor” and spend the next 12 weeks digging into some great books, amplifying your public speaking, building confidence, and sharing in the joy of reading as you team up to challenge others by simply bringing books to life!

Book Nook

Do you love to read books?  Come and listen to stories, read books, play simple games related to the books, and have fun!

English Writing

2nd graders who are looking to laugh and practice their speaking and writing skills are encouraged to join Ms. Melissa’s improv acting class. In the improv acting class you will learn to communicate more fluently in English while you write and tell jokes, practice improv acting techniques and identify and complement others while watching them  do improv acting on the video. Come ready to listen, speak and write in English with greater accuracy and fluency.

Dramatic Reading

Express your dramatic talents and reading skills! Practice reading several dramatic readings including Aesop’s Fables, then choose a favorite fable, create characters, and perform a show for your classmates. This is a great way to practice expressive reading and use your dramatic skills!

Chinese Writing Club

In Chinese Writing Club, students will read a series of Children’s books about Chinese New Year. We will learn and share our acknowledgement and experience about Chinese culture and Chinese Festivals. In the end of the CCA, we will fish a story about Chinese New Year or Chinese Festivals.

Chinese Poetry

We will learn 6 famous pieces of  Chinese poems in our CCA, such as 静夜思,春晓,江南etc.. To get a deeper understanding of each poem, we will use multiple ways in our learning, including videos, songs, dance, handicrafts, flashcards and etc.. Come and join us to enjoy the beauty of Chinese Ancient Poem!

Chinese Book Club

This CCA aims at introducing and guide-reading some popular Chinese fictions for kids. During each six-week section, the host teacher will pick several fictions (by author or topic) and share with students. Students will explore wonderful Chinese chapter books and Chinese culture highlights. In addition to that, students will also get many chances to share their thoughts and feelings with peers.

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