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Gifts and More


Skyline Tote

Canvas tote. Skyline design. Red on Black or Red on White.

50 RMB

Designer Totes

Canvas tote. Waving cat, Jinmao Tower, Wu Mao designs.

60 RMB

Make Up Bags

Double Happiness make up bag. Varitey of colors.

50 RMB

Embroidered Double Happiness pouch

Double Happiness tote. Variety of colors with two tones.

Charity Support

Eden Jewelry

Eden Jewelry supporting charity for women & children.

Priced as marked


Mud inspiration. Proceeds to support clean water in Africa.

60 RMB

"Heart to Heart" Bears

Proceeds to provides children with heart surgeries. Handmade sweater with logo.

200 RMB

Operation Smile

Straw & brush set. Proceeds benefit Operation Smile. 20 RMB

Organic cotton bag. Proceeds benefit Operation Smile. 60 RMB

Custom Items, generally 2 weeks for delivery

Christmas Stockings

Double happiness or Shanghai skyline. 50 RMB

with custom names added. 70 RMB


Placemats, custom designed by you.

15 RMB

the More

American Girl Clothes

American Girl doll clothes. Handmade with Chinese inspired designs.

120 RMB

Chinese Doll

Handmade doll, Traditional Chinese Clothing

300 RMB

Doll with Baby

Handmade doll with baby, Traditional Chinese Clothing.

350 RMB


Shanghai Taitai apron. Black cotton with silk design. 120 RMB

Taitai in Training apron. Children size. 80 RMB

Casserole Carrier

Casserole carrier with logo. Great for potlucks for hot dishes.

120 RMB


Payal’s special recipes.

200 RMB

Tree Skirt

Christmas tree skirts. Silk design.

700 RMB

Long Life Rings

Ring, long-life silver cigar band. Sample sizes available, custom made with payment in advance. 375 RMB

Beaded ID Holder

ID holder, with beads. All proceeds to the Concordia Girl Scouts.

50 RMB

ID Holder

ID Holder, retractable.

10 RMB

Pink Out Socks

Pink/green, breast cancer aware.

50 RMB

Memory Box

Traditional Chinese cotton.

120 RMB


Square design with Traditional Chinese cotton.

150 RMB

Travel Pillow

Shanghai skyline with logo.

80 RMB

Greeting Cards

Hand designed by HS student. Priced as marked,

15 RMB and up.

Products by painter Lu

Inspired by traditional peasant painting.

Journals 60 RMB, Coaster 60 RMB, Notebooks 20 RMB, Magnets 15 RMB

Handmade Ceramics

Teapot 480 RMB

Mugs 150 RMB


Variety of Schools Supplies