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Concordia Gear

Beak and Fingers

Concordia Beak Hat. Show your Phoenix pride. 30 RMB

Concordia Spirit Fingers. Adult & children sizes for Phoenix games. 50 RMB


Concordia Sunglasses. 20 RMB

Golf Bag

Concordia Golf Bag.

700 RMB

Sports Bags

Concordia Sports Bags. Travel bag with compartments for wet clothes/shoes. Small-150 RMB/large-175 RMB, medium to arrive soon.

Stadium Blanket

Concordia Stadium Blanket. Waterproof with logo for sporting events/picnic. 200 RMB


Concordia Fuzzy Blanket with logo.

200 RMB

Sports Chair

Concordia Sport Chair. Folds into a bag for sporting events.

150 RMB

Seat Cushion

Concordia Seat Cushion for sporting events.

100 RMB


Concordia Umbrella with logo.

100 RMB


Concordia pennant.

80 RMB

Photo Frame

Concordia Photo Frame.

100 RMB

Sling Bag

Concordia sling bag. Phoenix logo.

80 RMB

Concordia Tote Bag

Concordia canvas tote. Embroider logo.

150 RMB

Laundry Bag

“Ayi in Training”

75 RMB

Nylon Bag

Concordia nylon grocery bag. Folds to pocket size.

45 RMB

Luggage Tag

Concordia luggage tag.


Pencil Case

Concordia pencil case.