Middle School

Value of the Month: Empathy 


The ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. 
Assembly Conversations:
Here are some of the conversations we discussed around empathy in our assemblies this month.  
  • What empathy means and how we are able to really see and feel what others are going through
  • We heard from grade 7 students who conducted empathy interviews through Maker Design class with ayis, cafeteria workers, and guards who help to make our school run so smoothly.
  • We heard from High School students about their sustainability course and how they were able to make an impact on other's lives with their mission for Third Culture Coffee
  • Saying hello to new students and goodbye to leaving students and empathizing with each of the feelings associated with those events
  • Hearing from Grade 5 Girl Scouts about their project to benefit the Ayi's at our school and all that they do.

Tips and Strategies to encourage empathy at home:

  • Ask your student what the word empathy means to them
  • Discuss and identify emotions. Talk about how they are all connected to thoughts and behaviors. 
  • Teach your children to respond with empathy when others are upset
  • Model empathy for them (i.e. when you are/were there for someone else)
  • Work together as a family at home, in the community or globally (gives your student the opportunity to be empathetic and understand different backgrounds and points of view)
  • Talk about current events in the world and how others might be thinking or feeling in those situations