Middle School

The Middle School Approach

The Middle School program has been purposefully designed to care for the unique needs of students as they grow and learn through this special time of development. 

We will highlight one aspect of the Middle School Approach weekly, to help parents gain a deeper understanding of the intentional education designed for their child.

Our Approach 

Grounded in meaningful relationships and intentional communities at each grade level, our teachers provide inspiring and relevant hands-on learning experiences that expand student choice and grow independence and responsibility, in order to meet the needs of every student so they can thrive in our diverse and complex world

Intentional Community Grounded on layers of community, including daily advisory, careful student placement, and grade level teams so teachers can collaborate and build community.

Inspiring and Relevant Holistic learning that is hands-on, connects to China, and grows both the academic and spiritual side of each student.

Expanding Student Choice Including diverse elective offerings, music at each grade level, and vibrant co-curricular activities, when students have choice their interest and commitment grow too.

Supporting Every Student From differentiated instruction and assessment practices, individualized support, as well as a robust Learning Support and English Language Learner programs, our teachers aim to meet every student at their level.

Thriving in our Diverse and Complex World Students depart the Middle School better equipped with the relevant 21st Century skills to thrive in high school and beyond.