Middle School

Principal's End of Year Message

Dear Middle School Parents,  

We did it! Despite the challenges of this unique year, we made it to the end of the school year. Over the last few days, your child has had the opportunity to celebrate the end of the year through several fun online activities and a special end of the year assembly. Although we wish we could have celebrated together in person, I hope your child has enjoyed the closure to the year and has felt a sense of accomplishment as they look back on the year.  

Earlier today, we celebrated our Grade 8 students with a fun and memorable Middle School commencement ceremony. After all the challenges of the past months, it was important that we celebrate our Grade 8 students in this special way together online. In my message to the students, I reminded the now 9th Graders, that as they move onto high school and beyond that they will continue to experience some form of challenge and that it will always be important to take time reflect on what they have learned from this experience. This message builds on what I shared with all of our Middle School students in our End of the Year Assembly on Thursday, that it is possible, in fact necessary, to Thrive in the midst of challenge. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, we are strengthened by the struggle to break free and grow. So, as we look back and ahead to the future, I hope the Concordia Community will continue to find ways to Thrive no matter the inevitable struggles that will appear.   

Finally, as I depart Shanghai and the role of Middle School Principal at Concordia, I must share how honored I have been to be your Middle School Principal. Although the past few years have had a number of unprecedented challenges, facing these challenges has been worth it because of the amazing people in our community. Concordia and Shanghai will always hold a piece of my heart! As they say, once a Phoenix, always a Phoenix!   

Happy Summer!  

Dr. Andy Aldrich