Middle School

Pine Wood Derby Competition

Three of the 8th-grade advisories participated in a “Pine Wood Derby” racecar challenge recently. For the past 2 months, they have been working on this project.  In a partnership, students were tasked with building a race car from a block of wood. They first had to research possible designs and decide if they wanted to go for aesthetics or speed, incorporating various strategies they’ve learned in Science and Art. They then drew a 2-D model of their design and started to make it come to life using various tools in the Concordia Middle School Maker Space. Some students used electric tools (saws, sanders, drills) for the first time in their lives. In the end, they competed in a March Madness-style race bracket, where they were paired up with another car. Whichever car won 2 of 3 races moved onto the next round until a champion was crowned!

Out of the 20 teams, here are the winners:

1st place: Eli Pratt, Yerin Cho

2nd place: Ashley Choi, Maddy Tran

3rd place: Aiden Choi, Ezra Lim

4th place: Steve Yin, Joshua Lee