Middle School

October Value of the Month: Understanding

With a new month, we are introducing a new value for this month, understanding. Understanding is the idea that we know that all of us make mistakes and that no one is perfect.  We live in the reality that understanding and forgiveness are needed when people mess up or do us wrong in some way.  While mistakes don’t necessarily free us from natural earthly consequences, we do want to live in a community where we understand that we all have faults and can still live in harmony.  Understanding is also about the realization that God had created us differently; culturally, personality, etc. but that we are united in the ability to love one another despite our differences. 

In this month, we strive to build students’ knowledge of understanding by encouraging the practice of forgiveness and reconciliation when someone has wronged them.  Also, we aim to help them to see everyone through a lens of love and care, as God sees us, by identifying positive traits in people and that which unites us, not what divides us.