Middle School

“Mini Trips” to be held September 29 and 30

The middle school is excited to share that each grade level will embark on a two-day “Mini Trips” experience in Shanghai on September 29 and 30 that will include a one-day on-campus community building activity and a one-day off-campus experience.  As a reminder, due to CoViD restrictions, we will be postponing our traditional overnight trips to the Spring semester. 

For the on-campus experience, Concordia will work with an outside vendor to provide a variety of activities that push students to collaboratively work together to make decisions and solve problems. Through this process students will bond as a team, manage conflict, and develop their leadership skills. The skills that the students experience through these activities will directly transfer back into the classroom. It will also create lasting memories for both the teachers and students. 

For the off-campus experience, Concordia has partnered with WildChina to explore Shanghai in a whole new way. We have designed four day-trip programs for middle school students to have an educational experience outside of the classroom. These experiences include learning about the history of Shanghai, applying sustainable practices, developing new skills, and having fun with their teachers and peers. Specific grade-level activities will be shared soon with parents and students, as well as a list of items to pack for their trip. Students will be preparing for the trips in their upcoming MS101 classes. 

One note to share is that this is not an overnight experience. Students will be able following the normal school schedule and will be able to ride the Concordia bus to and from school.