Middle School

Lockdown Inspires Dance Lessons

There’s a famous expression about having a positive attitude. “If the world gives you lemons, make lemonade.” A Concordia Grade 6 student exemplified this attitude during lockdown. When distance learning started in mid-March, Hannah S. couldn’t meet any classmates, as there were no Concordia grade 6 students in her compound, so she made new friends with middle school students that were her neighbors. Then she used her passion, jazz dancing, to have an outlet and help others through lockdown. The strict CoViD protocols during lockdown made her lessons challenging to arrange, but she made sure to always follow the protocols and keep everyone safe. 

Hannah started learning jazz dancing in grade 4. She had been learning ballet since she was 3 years old and later rhythmic gymnastics. From her love of dance, she started offering classes to younger students, hoping to help others develop a love of dance. 

Official classes for young children.

During distance learning and the lockdown, she would spend her break and after school time learning new dances first, then since her new friends liked it too, she suggested to her friends that they do group dances. She taught two groups, 10-11 years old and 12 years old, different dances and modified the moves as they were beginners. They practiced as often as they were allowed, after school until 6pm, especially after she decided to do a performance. She said they needed a goal to convince some of them who were shy to perform. The group had to be flexible in their classes, since they were not always allowed outside to practice or in others houses. 

Dance lessons start during distance learning.

She single-handedly arranged a performance (arranging makeup, costume, venue, rehearsal) for the Dragon Boat Festival weekend for the community. She planned for different people to take the lead position, give younger ones a chance in choosing the dances and music to perform. Hannah even had sit-down sessions for exchanging praise and room-for-improvement, as well as developing a scoring system to encourage girls to be serious about the group dance performance. 

Adapting lessons to lockdown protocols.

She aspires to join the APAC Dance Team in high school. The Middle School is extremely proud of Hannah and how she is a living example of our Student Learner Outcomes - being a global citizen, effective communicator, and leader.