Middle School

Grade 8 Students Complete a Simple Task Complexly

Grade 8 science students recently completed their culminating exam for their Energy Unit by creating and designing Rube Goldberg machines, a complex contraption made up of transfers and transformations of energy used to complete a simple task. The simple task assigned was to flush a toilet. 

Students could either draw their machine or actually create it with a partner or by themselves. The students were very creative incorporating several types of materials and objects that create, transfer or transform energy, including fire (thermal/electromagnetic), remote control cars (chemical, electrical, sound), balloons (elastic), solar panels (chemical/electrical), and many more. 

Check out the video below to see two students, Eiry and Phoebe, completing their Rube Goldbergs together, albeit remotely, with half at one student's house and another half the other. 

Who would have thought flushing a toilet could be so fun?!