Middle School

Grade 8 Interdisciplinary Work: Integrating Math and Science

In Grade 8, students are integrating math and science classes to learn how to graph data and interpret the meaning of the graph.  Students are collecting data and creating a scatterplot with a linear equation (y=mx+b) to be able to give the relationship between the Independent Variable (IV) and Dependent Variable (DV).  So far, the students have shown a relationship between height and ability to jump finding a positive slope indicating that height does affect how far and high you can jump. Then based on the slope (m) and y-intercept, students can check for their height how far they "should" be able to jump. (Be sure to check out the example of the graphs to see how far you should be able to jump.)

Students are also looking into how height affects how far you can throw a ball with the results showing that height DOES influence how far one can throw a ball. Students are learning how to use Excel, Google, and Desmos for graphing.  Using the r2 value students can evaluate the correlation value of the graph and should try to get to at least a .64 value. 

For the past 9 years, Mr. Muir has given an extra challenge for this experiment. He promises any student who can throw the ball further than him 100 RMB. For the first time in 9 years, one student rose to this challenge and threw the ball 68 meters! His name was Samuel Lu. He beat Mr. Muir by 2 meters. As a man of his word, Mr. Muir gave Samuel the 100 RMB in front of the class, honoring him for his accomplishment!