Middle School

G8 Student’s Cubing Interest to Passion

At this year’s Second Annual Shanghai Youth Cubing Competition, Concordia’s Grade 8 Maxwell W. won two awards for his performance, awarded by the Shanghai Rubik’s Organization Committee.

He won awards for Winner of the Diamond Group (12s-15s) of the 3x3 Rubik’s Cube Online Open Competition Stackmat Group; and Winner of the Diamond Group (12s-15s) of the 3x3 Rubik’s Cube Online Open Competition AI Group. 

What started off as a random interest, has grown into a passion for our own, Maxwell. W. In 2020 during the COVID lockdown, Maxwell, like many students, was bored. He logged on to YouTube to find something interesting to watch. The first recommended video was a video of all of the Rubik's Cube world records, which enticed him to click and watch. He found that cubing can actually be fun, especially when you are good at it. He asked his mother to buy him a couple cheap quality cubes (of different sizes) to try it out. After that, he found a tutorial pamphlet that showed how to solve the cubes. He followed the instructions and learned how to solve the 2x2 cube and 3x3 cube. 

Later, he bought better cubes, went online and subscribed to a couple of cubing channels, and improved his 3x3 times from there. Maxwell would diligently practice after school, during recess, and sometimes during parties with friends. Last year, he brought his cube to school regularly, and played with his friends. His counselor, Mrs. Sarah Brooks, realized how popular cubes were at that time, so she organized a Rubik's Cube competition. Maxwell had the fastest average at that time and won the competition. That motivated him to go farther into cubing. Earlier this year, he was selected into the China Youth Cubing Team. They introduced him to a schedule of Rubik's Cube events, including this year’s online event. Through their training events, he now averages less than 11 seconds to solve a 3x3 cube. 

His passion has now expanded him into a new international area, where he completed the United Nations Youth Leadership Development Programme - Pan-Sports and Sustainable Goals Development, which recognizes cubing as a sport. 

Maxwell hopes to form a school community (or even a school team) to have fun, cube together, and even compete. When he becomes a recognized top speedcuber, he plans to teach children and teens how to cube.