Middle School

G8 Science Class: Save the Cargo!

In Dr. Tina's Grade 8 Science class, students are engineering and designing a floatable cargo crate to solve a very serious problem for shipping companies that are losing cargo daily.   

Due to storms and improper storage of containers on ships, crates fall off and are lost to the bottom of the sea. Some constraints include budget, time, materials, and mass.  With criteria such as stackability, size, volume, and floating time, students are given the task to design, test, fix, test again, fix again, and finally test prototypes, hoping for success.   

Students are learning the Engineering and Design Process outlined in the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).  Students researched ideas, what has already been done, who is the target user, science that is needed (such as buoyancy), and any other information needed.   Then a blueprint was drawn and construction began.  Testing proved to be a bit of a "splash zone" as crates took a fall from 1.5 meters high to test the durability.  Can Concordia Grade 8 students help solve the problem?  Stand by to find out!