Middle School

G7 Spanish Students Explore Costa Rica 

It is true. It is a hard time to travel in the middle of the lockdown. Well… the Grade 7 Spanish class traveled to Costa Rica to explore about Eco-tourism in this country.  

We started with the question “What is ecotourism?” What does it look like in different countries? They worked in groups to guess/try to create their own definition of the word. 

They were ‘issued’ a flight ticket using their Spanish names and nobody realized that, yeah!! 

They learnt about Costa Rica and were able to draw a map with all the important places including natural parks and active volcanos!! 

They also learnt to speak like a TICO (a cute name to call Costa Ricans). Do you know that they greet using the phrase “Pura Vida” that means ‘Pure life’. Is not that beautiful? 

They found eco-friendly activities to do in Costa Rica, accommodations, traditional food, and drinks to try. And they even created a poster about Costa Rican Coffee! 

After all of this, they are fully ready to plan an eco-trip to COSTA RICA for their whole family!!